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01 March 2003 @ 16:04
Firefly ficcage!  
That Old Yeh Shen Story
mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Kate Elizabethmoonwhip on 1st March 2003 15:55 (UTC)
This is just marvelous -- sweet, well-written, and absolutely in character. Very well done.
ljctaraljc on 1st March 2003 16:01 (UTC)
yay! thanks :) It's so weird to finally put it out--I've been working on it for ages and ages.
(Anonymous) on 1st March 2003 17:03 (UTC)
Now wasn't that just the sweetest berry? I was very curious on how the whole thing'd be after the little snippits, and I was very happy with the whole. Ya done good, ya done real good.

ljctaraljc on 1st March 2003 17:07 (UTC)
yay! I'm so glad you liked it!
Bruce d.b.a. Jamesir Bensonmumbktheirregular on 1st March 2003 17:58 (UTC)
Really liked this one. The interactions sounded very true to the characters - although Inara seemed like she was channeling Joss just a skeetch more than I remember seeing in the series, with the comments about it being time for kisses ... but that's a tiny little nit, and the rest of the story more than satisfies. (Did I detect something towards the end, perhaps Inara applying a little weave for Mal's broken conscience on the quiet?)

Lovely, lovely work.
ljctaraljc on 1st March 2003 18:02 (UTC)
Re: Impressive!
Let's just say that the Silk Road is good for more than just who can get blood out of brocade...
(Deleted comment)
ljctaraljc on 1st March 2003 18:29 (UTC)
oh yay! No sequel as such--but I am plotting anotehr story which would take place after this (and probably have a few little Simon/Kaylee scenes) which is my Big Book Backstory Story.
(Deleted comment)
ljc: nekkid simontaraljc on 5th March 2003 17:16 (UTC)
I started outlining the other night, but then got hit with an Inara idea set after "Heart of Gold". So I'm juggling....
torchthisnow on 2nd March 2003 12:21 (UTC)
I lovedlovedloved it! You've got a kick-ass grasp on all the characters. The scene with Wash, Jayne, and Simon as drinkin' buddies made me actually have to stop reading for a few minutes so I could laaaaaaaugh.

Wonderful, wonderful work! Damn, I wish this show hadn't been canceled....*spoiled pout*
ljctaraljc on 2nd March 2003 13:03 (UTC)
yay! The drinking scene, along with Mal and Inara's "end your sex life" argument were probably the most fun to write (well, fun in "laugh as I write" way, as opposed to the kissing scenes, which were fun in a whole 'notehr way...) and I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
Pouncer: Simonthepouncer on 2nd March 2003 17:07 (UTC)
I loved the bit with the missing shoes. Really, I loved it all. You got the voices of each character just right, and I could imagine I was watching an episode. ~Wah!~ I want more episodes!

I have the Heart of Gold script printed out, but I still need to read it. I'm keeping it to savor.
ljc: big damn herotaraljc on 5th March 2003 17:14 (UTC)
thanks so much for the kind words! I feel so bad for torturing poor Simon... heh. Okay, not so bad, since it msued the hell otu fo me. but I did reward him in the end :)