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15 April 2010 @ 17:50
Drive-by Trekrec: Women's Revolutionary Law by merisunshine36 is a beautiful story about Gaila and her family that everyone needs to read right now omg.
Green: stock:wishingundeny on 15th April 2010 22:56 (UTC)
Oh, isn't that great? I read it over on DW and was gushing all over it as I read. I don't usually read anything in first person, but this story is a real gem.
ljc: star trek (gaila smiley girl)taraljc on 15th April 2010 22:58 (UTC)
I keep looking at my Plastic!Gaila, and picturing her in Gailin's purse and making FLAPPY HANDS OF JOY.
Greenundeny on 15th April 2010 23:03 (UTC)
boosette on 15th April 2010 23:04 (UTC)
I could write reams analyzing this story. I could get a PhD out of this story if I was allowed to, because it is that dense.
ljc: star trek (gaila squee)taraljc on 15th April 2010 23:05 (UTC)
I love the universality of "Oh, honey. NEVER HAVE KIDS."

And wee!Gaila with her plastic!gaila makes me GLEE.
boosette on 15th April 2010 23:13 (UTC)
And that Gaila is so palpably a child, prone to all the selfish and childlike things that children do, and yet she's still herself omg. (I want to take her and Ramona-Gailin both home and feed them and give them comfort and make dioramas with tiny Gaila.)
rubynye on 16th April 2010 01:48 (UTC)
And the older immigrant/child immigrant conflict! I saw years of my childhood in the "Orion on the outside, Human on the inside?" line. I've read novels that contained less than this splendid story.
boosette on 16th April 2010 02:13 (UTC)
I've read novels that contained less than this splendid story.

So much this!