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07 April 2010 @ 17:02
So, I've been having the mother of all bad days weeks springs. But this totally made me so stupidly happy, I made a high-pitched noise of glee like a pterodactyl in a 1970s Filmation cartoon:

"Walking on Sunshine", a Doctor Who vid of PURE GLEE from fan_eunice (spoilers for "The Eleventh Hour")
HawkMoth: Elevenhawkmoth on 7th April 2010 22:25 (UTC)
It could have been the Jonny Quest pterodactyl.
StClair: oopscmdr_zoom on 7th April 2010 22:28 (UTC)
Nope, different sound effect.
Should I be embarrassed that I know this?
allaboutm_e: Shirley the Loonallaboutm_e on 7th April 2010 22:47 (UTC)
Your simile made me very happy!