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fan art from 'ship wars

And lo, there was Pike/Number One fan art for the st_respect "Fairy Tale" challenge at 'Ship Wars:

I was surprised at how easily the Hans Christian Anderson literary fairy tale can be mapped onto "The Cage". It's always been one of the stories I totally loved as a kid, mainly because like "Tam Lin" (which which it might well be based--I've always been a bit fuzzy on that) it's about the guy being the damsel in distress, while the awesome girl has to go save his ass. And it's sort of timeless, in that everyone can relate to losing your best friend when he gets stolen away by a pretty face. I mean, that's the plot of everything from "Some Kind of Wonderful" to Chloe and Clark on Smallville.

(Only, you know, Miss Amanda Jones isn't actually evil. And neither, really is Vina--hence the Talosians being in there because it's about the fantasy of Vina, not the real person.)

This was actually ridiculously easy to picture, and ridiculously difficult to actually assemble. Mostly because I could see in my head what I wanted, but couldn't really find the stock to make it happen. So the triptych format is a compromise, and I actually really like where it took me, design-wise.

So I was going to also do "Little Red Cap" (the version where Red and her gran kill the wolf, without any friendly hunstman coming along to rescue them) but I could find a way to make it work... So instead I went with the "Tell your sorrows to the iron stove" portion of "The Goose Girl", because I was thinking again about the Talosians, and how they outed her seekrit crush to Pike, Vina, and Colt, and it reminded me of the ending of that fairy tale.

I re-read my different Grimm's versions, and I know we're not supposed to root for girls who are passive, which is how most people see it now. But when I was a kid, I remember feeling differently about it. It was my favourite--party because of the illustrations in the book I had (alas, I don't have my childhood version any more, and I need to track it down to see if they were Rackham), but also the grotesque side of the magic, like the drops of blood that speak, and talking horse's head being mounted over the gate.

In the story, the girl gets her identity stolen, her life threatened, and she just kinda looks at her new life and is all "Fine. I'll deal with it," and is stoic, and doesn't lash out at the chick who wronged her, but does her best. And then she gets tricked into telling the truth, and by telling the truth, the fairy tale world gets set to right. Okay, and the baddie gets dragged behind horses in a nail-studded barrel and such. Erm... ick.

Anyway... kinda a twisted take on both the story an "The Cage", but erm... that's where my brain went. As we all know, my brain, it is weird.

This is the manip I created for Team PikeOne banner to accompany boosette's story Bring The Mountain To, the Team PikeOne entry for Prompt #5 of 'Ship Wars (if you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend you hie over there and do so now, for it is ZOMG SO AWESOME).

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