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14 February 2010 @ 12:29
Vulcan language question  
Where did the Vulcan word "ashayam" originate? I've searched all the transcripts at chakoteya.net, and there's no reference in Memory Alpha, so I know it's from fanfic. But I can't find any reference to where it started, and the earliest references I've found online are in Trip/T'Pol ENT fanfic. Is it from one of the novels? Or did it come from a specific fan author?

ETA: I did find a Spock/McCoy story called Yon t'Ashaya from 2004, there's no translation note on that story as to the title. And it appears that it may have originated with a 1977 Fan-made Vulcan Language Guide which translates "love" as "aisha". However like the VLD, that document does not differentiate between canon and fanon sources.

Basically what I'm looking for is some determination whether the words come from canon (spoken in an episode or film) or extended canon (from a licenced tie-in) or fanon (fan-canon, i.e. from a fannish source, and if so, who first used the words and where).

Also, does anyone have a good source for canon Vulcan language? I.e. only the words that have been used in on-screen canon?
Rhi: annoyed: T'Polrhipowered on 14th February 2010 18:39 (UTC)
I have friends who were those who popularized the term 'RPattz' in like, 2005. SCARY.

But to get back to Tara's question--I've never seen or heard that before, I fear. It sounds like it's a rip from some extant human language...which it is, it's Tamil (googles!).
ljc: star trek (amanda/sarek)taraljc on 14th February 2010 18:58 (UTC)
It looks like it may have been derived from a fan-made Vulcan dictionary from 1977 that lists "aisha" as the word for "love". However that too doesn't differentiate canon from fanon sources. *sigh*