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The More Adventurous Wanderer by boosette MAKES ME HAPPY. For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is an awesome knowledge of cocktails and languages, and character insights tucked away in every line of prose that sneak up on you when you realise all that local colour paints a believeable, detailed portrait of two people, inbetween the flaming cocktails and body shots.

But most of all, I continue to think of AOS Jim Kirk as sort of a 23rd century Rick Castle--especially once I started picturing Jennifer Morrison's Winona growing up to be Gena Rowlands, with a personality and strength of will that arrives in a room about 12 seconds before she does. She and Martha would have been fast friends, inside my head. Even if Winona wouldn't have a lot of time for Martha's shenanigans, they would understand the importance of teaching their sons how to respect women.

Kirk's a rogue, and he's a player, and he can even sometimes be a bit of a douche, but he's also whip-smart and was raised by a mother who raised him up to be the kind of man who would end up saving the planet by letting everyone kick his ass six ways from Sunday, and also knowing when to take it on the chin for the greater good, and drop the cowboy act and be sincere and actually mean it when the time for dropping the bullshit arrives.

In this case, it means realising someone needs help, and just doing it. Not of the promise of a reward, but because it's the right thing to do. I have to believe there are more guys out there who would make sure a girl got safely home from a frat party after she was roofied. I have to believe that there are more Rick Castles and Jim Kirks out there in real life.

I've met too many awesome fathers and sons and brothers to believe they are only fictional. And I keep hoping never to be proved wrong.
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