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03 February 2010 @ 22:15
Another drive-by Trekrec: An Afternoon in Ordinary Time by snarkypants may now be my fave post-Narada Pike/Number One story ever. The voices are perfect, and the relationship dynamic makes my heart sing.
boosette on 4th February 2010 04:16 (UTC)
oh my god so much yes. (I've read it twice.)
ljc: star trek (cait barry)taraljc on 4th February 2010 04:18 (UTC)
I want to lock her in my basement and make her write fic for ME AND ME ALONE FOREVER OMG.

I mean, erm...

boosette on 4th February 2010 04:22 (UTC)
Admiral Mods have to reopen recruitment. We must acquire her presence on our team. omg.


And if you're locking her in your basement I am moving in and reading over your shoulder.
ljc: star trek (captain pikeone - ship wars)taraljc on 4th February 2010 04:25 (UTC)
Okay, but I'll make you do chores and stuff, ike a proper Fake Internet Mum.
boosette on 4th February 2010 04:27 (UTC)
I can cook! And and --

and we could acquire a small fluffy creature to. well.

Given our fandom proclivities feeding small fluffy creatures is probably a bad idea.
ljc: star trek (crew)taraljc on 4th February 2010 04:41 (UTC)
alas, small fluffy creatures make me sneez.
boosette on 4th February 2010 04:43 (UTC)
you have my utmost and assured sympathies: I lived in palm springs for ten years with a palm tree allergy.

perhaps a small scaly creature?
ljc: star trek (gaila smiley girl)taraljc on 4th February 2010 04:50 (UTC)
That could work! I like the small brighty coloured treefrogs and such. Also, I do not know if pygmie hedgepigs make me sneez.
boosette on 4th February 2010 04:53 (UTC)
Well, they're spikey rather than fuzzy. I suppose it depends on whether they make dander.

(I'm not going to push my luck with a constrictor, because temporal-sensemaking mommy has repeatedly given a great big no in that area of child husbandry.)

truefax: I asked for and received, in a fit of parental weakness, a snake for my eighth birthday. My parents regretted it every second for the duration of the snake's presence in our household.
ljc: penguin mug of AWESOMEtaraljc on 4th February 2010 05:09 (UTC)
You and cadhla so need to meet, for she has both teh fuzzies AND the snake love.
boosette on 4th February 2010 05:13 (UTC)
YAY CRAWLIES. (I also gunned for the pleasure of being mommy to a pink toed tarantula throughout high school -- I got a bunny instead.)

Snake was about this size, although that is pretty obviously not my arm. In a crowning moment of awesome, one of my friends-at-the-time adopted my snake's dinner and said parental had to drive 45 minutes back into town to pick up another parcel of snake food.