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Okay, so I suck, and meant to post yuletide recs before The Big Reveal. But yeah... that so wasn't gonna happen. So here they are anyway! I'm bookmarking them on AO3 as well.

a convenient explosion by Smercy
Fandom: The Brothers Bloom
Synopsis: She is fluent in five languages and American sign, and can decipher more from the pauses in conversation than the words themselves.

What Shadows See by boosette
Fandom: The Brothers Bloom
Synopsis: Twice Bang Bang was there.
One time she was on her way.
Twice more she was not.

Yin by therienne
Fandom: White Collar

Classic, in Progress by tzikeh
Fandom: White Collar
Synopsis: "I never kid about formalwear."

And anyone who's ever had a heart by Liviapenn
Fandom: White Collar
Synopsis: Before seeing the picture, she'd just slotted Neal Caffrey in as one more thing Peter's brain couldn't let go of, and amusing yourself while your spouse hunted down the greatest international art thief of the age was certainly classier than being a football widow.

the christmas eve job by hardlygolden
Fandom: Leverage
Synopsis: "Saint Nicholas is our patron saint," Parker says, again, more insistent this time.

The New York ComicCon Con by epeeblade
Fandom: Leverage
Synopsis: Hardison, Elliot and Parker steal ComicCon for a young hacker.

Track My Moves by summerstorm
Fandom: Leverage
Synopsis: In which Parker doesn't trust Tara, and Eliot and Hardison indulge her whims.

Yang by therienne
Fandom: Leverage

Grift Sense by Jenavira
Fandom: Hustle

You Are Not Your Cover ID by boosette
Fandom: Shell Game
Synopsis: There is a reason why John and Jennie were late back to the station at the end of Dead Wrong, allowing Bill, Bert & Natalie to take full credit for the group crime-fighting efforts. This is it.

Coltan Feathers, Mechanical Wings by zeldadestry
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Synopsis: Cameron is curious about poetry.

Patch-up Job by krazykipper
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Synopsis: Derek clutched his arm as he ran back to the house, forcing pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding.

to carve until he reaches bone by perdiccas
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Synopsis: Set post-Born to Run: I know a lot of people, kid, but I don't know you.

First and Last Rites by Ade
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Synopsis: Sarah doesn't have time to think about John at first.

Changes by Phantom
Fandom: Castle
Synopsis: Alexis feels vaguely out of place after her first semester in college. Martha bakes cookies.

A Few Of My Favorite Things by helens78
Fandom: Castle
Synopsis: Castle works his butt off trying to find the right Christmas present for Beckett, with commentary from everyone.

Just Saying - Baby Bird is Starving, Feed It by fresne
Fandom: Castle (TV)
Synopsis: It was all just friendly money exchanging friendly hands on when friendly banter would become really-really friendly.

The One In Which There Are No Pants by Medie
Fandom: Castle
Synopsis: Castle sighs. "This is gonna get weird, isn't it?"

A Two-Way Street by Jaybee65
Fandom: State of Play (TV)
Synopsis: Getting information out of DCI William Bell is quite the challenge. Fortunately, Della Smith likes challenges.

Five Times Dan Kissed Della by Mikey (mikes_grrl)
Fandom: State of Play (UK-2003)
Synopsis: Della admits she never quites expects it.

Cleanliness and Hard Work by TL (TLvop)
Fandom: Fringe
Synopsis: A short introspection into how Astrid views herself and the lab. (Goes through Season 2, Ep 9, "Snakehead")

That common consolation by Zara Hemla (zarahemla)
Fandom: Fringe
Synopsis: Sometimes she looks at him sideways out of those eyes of hers and it's a kind of voltage, the kind he's been searching for all his life.

Stir-Up Sunday by Topaz_Eyes
Fandom: Lie to Me (TV)
Synopsis: "It's normal and healthy to want to acknowledge special anniversaries."

Checksum by dotfic
Fandom: Gargoyles
Synopsis: He trusts her instincts.

Five stories the Reader never began by nextian (cosmogyral)
Fandom: If on a winter's night a traveler - Calvino
Synopsis: You are about to begin reading "Five stories the Reader never began."

Altars Barbarous Below by Petra LeMaitre (Petra)
Fandom: Eastwick (TV)
Synopsis: All Darryl had to do to keep the women safe from themselves was to keep them apart or, failing that, distracted.

Keeping the Stars by Foxtoast
Fandom: Wire in the Blood
Synopsis: Tony Hill has a talent for discerning when things are not as they seem.

The Mirrorball Malefaction Misapprehension by gwyneth rhys (gwyneth)
Fandom: The Middleman (TV)
Synopsis: Who's making mirrorball mischief and ruining Wendy's plans for New Year's Eve?

Caveat Emptor by havocthecat
Fandom: Ultraviolet (TV)
Synopsis: Now that MI6 is aware of the Code Five threat, Frances has the unenviable job of acting as the organization's liaison to the Vatican.

The Cable & Deadpool Yuletide Special by David Hines (hradzka)
Fandom: Cable and Deadpool
Synopsis: ...summary? Is that like a recap page? Huh. Okay. I'm Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth. You may remember me from such comics as "Deadpool," "Deadpool," and "Cable & Deadpool," and from my brief appearance in Wolverine's first solo movie, which for now makes me Marvel's latest license to print money -- thank you, Ryan Reynolds. Anyway, now I'm in a Yuletide story, so join me and my buddy Nate Summers, aka Cable, for wacky hijinks and reality-hopping adventure. Say hi to the fangirls, Nate.</p>

"Wade? Who are you talking to?"

Mixing The Bitter With The Sweet by Vicky Ocean (VickyOcean)
Fandom: Mad Men
Synopsis: Roger and Joan have a drink together. Post-Season 3.

Misfit Slumber Party by Kanna-Ophelia (KannaOphelia)
Fandom: Jem and the Holograms
Synopsis: With Jem and Riot missing and Pizzazz having acquired Starlight Music, the Starlight Mansion and the remaining Holograms and Stingers as new toys, life should be all fun and roses for the Misfits. But Jetta finds things less fun than she imagined being at the top of the charts would be. For one thing, there are all these Holograms and Stingers around, not to mention entirely too many little orphan girls. Set during the episode "The Day the Music Died" and containing a gratuitous croquet scene.

Tags: jem, my inappropriate love of grifters, recs, yuletide
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