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Drive-by Trekrecs:

Lensflare Lover by leftarrow
Is Pike/Enterprise, Pike/Number One AWESOMENESS, an AU loosely based on a concept from Tanith Lee's "The Silver Metal Lover" which I have not actually read. However, think June from Sol Bianca. Or, if you are so inclined, the idea of Sovereignty*. Only, you know... where the land is a ship.

Shooting the Moon by miss_porcupine
This story has no anthropomorphic personifications! It does have some really lovely Kirk and Pike re-film awesomeness.

Undercover Series by silverlining_99 (McCoy/Chapel)
Whereas this series has the Hawt Sex. But really, I am all about the first bit, which was written for the kinkmeme, and OH HOLY GOD IT'S HOT.

* Okay, it suddenly occured to me that the notion of Sovereignty is something I'm probably more familair with than lots of you. But basically, the living land was often represented as a woman, and in order for the king to be a true king, he had to do wed the land, specifically the anthropomorphic personification of the land. And his physical health reflected that of the land. So if he was maimed, he had to step down because he had to be whole or else the land and the people would suffer. That's why in The Book of Invasions, Nuada Argetlámh was given the silver arm--so he could stay king. And it's how Ireland got her name--three sisters named Ériu, Banba and Fodhla greeted the Gaels when they arrived, and the poet Amairgen had to pick one of them. He picked Ériu, and so the land was named Éire. And it pops up in Celtic mythology in western Europe all over the place for a really long time (if you've ever read "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight", you know what I mean). And it's a concept I take for granted, and forget is foreign to erm... just about everybody who isn't also pagan, a folklore geek, or a classics major.
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