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11 July 2009 @ 15:45
(want. claim in comments. have.)

Please remember to read all the comments first to make sure the icon you are claiming has not been claimed by someone else first! And if you are willing to share, mention that when you claim it.

NOTE: Please do not claim more than 3 icons.


la la icons la laCollapse )
gingerberrycat: Bernardo Camaragingerberrycat on 16th January 2010 09:19 (UTC)
so i snagged 47/tyler.
i'll of course credit when used, and it so totally will be.
(note, the icon i'm using is Bernardo Camara, brazilian redhaired male model)
Ronna: (ST) nu!Kirkronnachu on 15th February 2010 05:25 (UTC)
I don't really get this (why do people want to claim icons and have them exclusively, especially if they're not the icon-makers?), but house rules are the house rules, so =)

I'd like to claim, and share, number 4, if that's okay.
mosh around the living room until you feel betterv_greyson on 18th May 2010 05:30 (UTC)
grabbing #10 and #13, both sharable.

these are awesome!