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1. They interact in canon, preferably in a significant (apply your own interpretation of such) way.
2. They are not related. They can, however, view each other as surrogate family.
3. Neither has confessed or implied romantic love for the other in canon.
4. They have not dated, been married, had sex, or made out in canon, on purpose, and of their own free will.
5. A popular fanon ship is ok (though preferably not your ship) but a canon pairing you wish were just friends is out.
6. Try to avoid using the same character or series twice.

List 10 platonic male/female relationships in fiction that you enjoy.

  1. Wendy Watson and the Middleman (The Middleman)

  2. ZOMG WHERE TO BEGIN? I love how the Middleman is so impressed with Wendy's ability to keep her relationships and her job lives separate--even when she fails, because that's something he doesn't quite manage. I love how they're there for each other, even in Mirror Universes with pointy beards. I love that there's give and take between them, he isn't always right, but neither is she, and they can admit that before it gets seriously in the way of their jobs. I love that through Wendy, MM is more connected with people, even when it involves heartbreak. but mostly, I love that they accept who each other are without trying to change them to suit their own needs. And how it went totally organically from a mentor-student relationship to peers.

  3. Abby and Gibbs (NCIS)

  4. Okay, while I may have the odd fantasy about Gibbs/Abby, in canon they are "closer than blood" and I 100% buy it. Abby isn't a replacement for the family Gibbs lost, but you really feel like she and Ducky were the first family he's allowed himself to have after Shannon and Kelly. And his relationship with Abby isn't exactly paternal (too much flirting-as-a-spectator-sport on both sides for that) it is solid, extremely close, and there is absolutely nothing in this world they wouldn't do for the other. I love how Gibbs challenges her, doesn't hold back when he's cranky, but because of who Abby is, can never stay cranky or exasperated for long. And I love how Abby just barrels past all his defences and loves him unconditionally whether he wants it or not. I think without her in his life, he'd be a lot more broken than he is.

  5. Mal and Kaylee (Firefly)

  6. They're a lot like Abby and Gibbs, in that Mal can make Kaylee feel safe in a way no-one else can. And kaylee can make him feel joy when everything else looks utterly bleak. And it's another similar case of building himself a surrogate family whether he realised it or not, and Kaylee just fitting herself into his life probably before he realised it. And like Wendy and the Middleman, there's a filial vibe from the guys side that is VERY "You hurt my little sister, and you'll pay (and pay. And pay.)" And it's not that Kaylee probably hasn't had a crush at one time or another on Mal. But that so pales in comparison with the relationship they do have, which is probably one of the few Kaylee has with a fella that hasn't involved a little roll in the hay. That that makes it special and rare.

  7. Louise Beckett and Kyle Duarte (Jake 2.0)

  8. OMG. THEY ARE SO AWESOME. I love the deep mutual respect. I love that Kyle is just about the only person Lou can count on for an unvarnished option, whose opinion she actually values and trusts--even when she shoots him down. I love that he teases her, because no-one else would dare to. I love that no matter what, they can count on each other. And also that he calls her on her bullshit when he thinks she's wrong, but she also calls him on his emo bullshit when he's in the wrong. I love how well they work together, and how even when he's the buffer between her and Jake and Diane, the relationship is still strong. And frankly, pretty damned rare on telly. I mean, Sheppard and Weir is just about the only other example of a fabulous kickass lady in charge with a male subordinate where you never once question the power dynamic, or have it muddied by the sexy funtimes.

  9. Sarah Forbes and Kurt Mendel (Odyssey 5)

  10. I love that they are so totally opposite in just about every way, yet Sarah understands Kurt like nobody else. And since she's basically Chuck's Lieutenant, and the strongest of all of them after Chuck Taggart, it's nice to see someone like Kurt who can occasionally be such an arse with other people show her genuine respect and affection. It's especially poignant where their children are concerned--Sarah's love for Corey makes her understand Kurt's sorrow over the child Angela aborted, and his crushing guilt over Zach Ambrose. Based on the pilot, I'd have never have picked these two as having any kind of relationship, let alone one of my fave dynamics of the five.

  11. Sarah Jane Smith and the Doctor (Doctor Who)

  12. Okay, I admit, I didn't see SJS growing up (my local PBS station was airing "Key to Time" when I first tuned in) so I never really got to see her with the Doctor prior to the new series. ("The Five Doctors" doesn't count.) But I do love them so much in "School Reunion", and it's clear how much she learned from him and how much affection she has for him, even when she clearly wants to punch him in the head repeatedly for being an idiot. A wonderful brave magical idiot, but seriously... an idiot. And I love how she's learned from his example, but improved on it in so many ways, and it shines through in her relationships with Luke, Maria, Rani, and especially Clyde.

  13. Bond and M (Casino Royale)

  14. God, I love these two. Of all the things I never expected to fall in love with the reboot films, this dynamic took me most by surprise. I love how fiercely COMPETENT and ruthlessly pragmatic M is, and I love how Bond is the weapon she points are her enemies, and she knows it, and he knows it, and it's just about the only relationship I can ever see him having where he's clearly totally 100% fine with being subordinate. Not just to a woman, but to anyone. The battle of egos is glorious, but you know at the end of the day, she pwns him. The whole issue of trust in the second film, and the fact that we see M as vulnerable for the first time, but it doesn't diminish her at all, and for me their thorny relationship was the high point of Quantum of Solace. It was what was central, to me, and that surprised me more than anything because we've never seen James as a 3d human being before. And as awesome sarky as M has always been, she's rarely been shown as such a layered character before. So that relationship is my emotional anchor in the franchise right now.

  15. Ronon and Teyla (SGA)

  16. It's amazing to me that these two have the patience they do for those wacky humans. But I love that Ronon so clearly respects and adores Teyla, and his reaction when she finds out she's pregnant is 100% supportive and fabulous, and she knows he's always got her back and they work so well together. I always felt before Ronon that Teyla was... not being humoured exactly, but that while John absolutely trusts her as his Lieutenant, she was still An Outsider. But once Ronon joined the team, she was no longer the Outsider, but a mentor and a friend and Ronon respects her as his superior and that was never ever in question, which I love. They're so incredibly, incredibly competent and no-nonsense and the Voice of Reason when the aliens around them forget sometimes they they're the Other in the Pegasus galaxy. And I pretty much only really watch SGA for these two. So I'm biased biased biased. Also, STICK FIGHTING.

  17. Sarah Connor and Derek Reese (SCC)

  18. See what I say above about M and Bond, Kyle and Lou, and Ronon and Teyla? TIMES 1000. I love that he never once questions her ability, tho he does sometimes question her actions. But he's loyal to the end, and it's the first time she's ever had a peer who knows her story whom she doesn't have to lie to or protect, but is there to back her up. And she might eventually have that with Ellison, but it's already cost her Charlie. And the way Sarah and Derek relate to one another fascinates me. Even when she doesn't fully trust him (nor should she: he's sometimes a liability) they still function together as John's surrogate parents, and she trusts him with her son which is the ULTIMATE in Sarah Connor trust.

  19. Angie and Pearse (Ultraviolet)

  20. I love the delicateness of their friendship. You get the feeling that Angie has never let anyone else into her life the way she has Harmon. And she's there to bully him inot being when he's being self-destructive, and he's there to be quiet solid support when she's questioning herself. Pearse also knows exactly how strong she is and unlike Vaughn (who is in love with her) or Mike (who has a saviour complex re: the women in his life) would never try and shelter her, but trusts her to know her own limits.
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