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loneraven's In Service is an absolutely awesome Scotty & McCoy friendship story, as they are sent off in a runabout to do their jobs while Enterprise does Enterprise things.

In other news, I am trying to mentally reconcile Number One's background in Vulcan's Glory with what we know about Eugenics in Trek canon (for the purposes of me and Star Trek, Only What Airs Is Canon). Which is to say, any kind of Eunegics other than correcting birth defects were outlawed in the Federation, in relation to the Eugenics Wars, the 22nd century Augment Crisis, and the 24th century stuff with Bashir and his illegal DNA resequencing on Adigeon Prime, and the Jack Pack.

Basically, the only bits that really go into detail about Number One's background are Pike's line to Spock:

"Some officers have had a difficult time dealing with the fact that she is a genetically perfect being. On her planet, Ilyria, excellence is the only criterion that is accepted. She is technically designated as being the best of her breed for the year she was born."

and then some description during the Null-G game with Cait:

Physically, she had no need of tension release; her musculature and stamina required only a minimum of rest to remain at peak performance level for long periods of time. It was her curious, probing mind that needed the action. Number One liked to lose herself in the strategy and physicality that null-G ball demanded so she could relieve the boredom of too many hours of simple routine. It was an odd "failing" her perfectionist genetic creators had overlooked.

Genetic engineering was common on several planets, but it was normally used to correct potential birth defects and other errors of nature. Number One, however, had been completely "designed and engineered," with an emphasis on intelligence, even temperament, strength, and a pleasing appearance. She was the product of someone else's idea of what a perfect woman should be.

Since I'm cherry-picking from the extended universe (for example, the "I can't pronounce your name" thing actually comes from The Rift and I'm ignoring all that Morgan Primus and Eunice Robbins silliness) I'm trying to think how to keep the "Genetically Perfect Woman" thing, without actually having Ilyria violating the law with their genetic engineering and selective breeding. Cos NO WAY would she have been allowed in Starfleet otherwise. So now thinking that, inside my head, it may be that no actual manipulation of her genes was done, but that it's all strictly through a voluntary breeding programme where the genes of every child are studied at birth, and she was given a blue ribbon and the Ilyrian Stamp of Approval like a damned prized Corgi for having the best genes--higher than average intelligence, stamina, motor skills, needs less sleep than humans and even most other Ilyrians, etc. And I think I want to address what that does to a person, being told over and over again that it's her duty to Live Up To Her Extraordinary Potential.

(Currently, I'm picturing her running away to join the circus Starfleet at age 14 and royally pissing off the entire Ilyrian Scientific Community who expected her to stay [and eventually breed with another sooper-geenus], not unlike how Spock and Sarek stopped speaking for a decade over his joining Starfleet instead of the Vulcan Science Academy.)

Lastly, Trek Novel Fest prompt Submission ends today. So I highly recommend reading through the current prompts and adding your own. I'm stupidly excited by the fic challenge, as you may have noticed.
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