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New Old Skool

So I have this whole AOS version of Pike, Number One, Boyce, Spock, and the Yorktown inside my head. And it's coming out in icons, manips, and bits of fanfic. And I have no idea how much of it will exist outside the sole confines of my cranium, but I figure, for those of you who are like "Huh? What? Are these OCs? What? I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON!" I should explain where the stuff in my head comes from.

First off, there's "The Cage". There are little Pike/Number One moments in "The Cage" that aren't in "The Menagerie", but "The Menagerie" has all sorts of nifty Spock and Pike backstory in the framing sequence, about how devoted Spock is to his former captain of 11+ years. And so I kinda cherry-pick what I want to keep from both versions. Additional Pike/Number One awesomeness can also be found in Dorothy Fontana's novel Vulcan's Glory and the first 1/3rd of PAD's The Rift. In these novels, Chris and Number One served together on the Yorktown, prior to Chris getting Enterprise from Robert April.

So in the Prime universe, Spock, Pike, Number One, and Phil Boyce are all on Enterprise in 2254 when they intercept a distress call from the Columbia and go to Talos IV and wacky shenanigans ensue. In the AOS universe, however, Enterprise doesn't launch until 2258. So... here's the backstory inside my head:

2245-2249: Lt Pike serves as helm officer under Robert April on the USS Constitution, where Sarah Poole (later, Sarah April) is CMO

2249: Spock turns down the Vulcan Science Academy and attends Starfleet Academy

2249: Lt Pike posted to the Yorktown as XO, where he meets CMO Phil Boyce, and the helm officer (whose name he can't pronounce)

2249: Lt Commander Pike takes command of the Yorktown when her captain is killed

2250: Pike's field promotion to Captain is approved, and Yorktown's helmsman, Number One, becomes his XO

2251: Spock graduates from Starfleet Academy in a record 2.5 years (due to being a) Vulcan and b) awesome) and is posted as a junior science officer with a rank of Lt (j.g.) to Yorktown

2251: Yorktown Security Chief Francis Drake Reed invotes Pike and Number One to his wedding, where they do not dance with one another.

2252: Spock is promoted to Lieutenant due to being awesome at his job.

2253: Spock is promoted to Lt Commander, and made 2nd officer, due to being super awesome at his job.

2254: Due to being super awesome at his job, Pike is offered Enterprise, the biggest most badass ship Starfleet has ever designed. However, she won't be ready for 4 years. Yorktown is about to launch on another 5 year deep space mission. Pike and Spock take positions Earthside til Enterprise is ready--due to being mind numbingly awesome at her job, Number One is offered command of the Yorktown. She asks Chris if he thinks Spock would make a good XO. Pike tells her she needs someone to balance her out.

2258: Spock, now a full Commander, takes posting as XO of Enterprise following The Battle of Vulcan

2258: Pike is promoted to Admiral, and upon his recovery is posted as Sector Commander to Starbase 12

Which would be the point at which we now reach the Star Trek sequel that lives in my head. Which is, like, a 23rd century version of DS9. Only without the Sisko or the wormhole. So really... just set on Starbase 12 and the Yorktown, then.

I'm already building the senior staff of the Yorktown in 2258 inside my head--I've got most of the major bases covered, except for XO. ETA: XO is taken care of, and played inside my head by Jason Momoa. YAY.

Yorktown Senior Staff:
Captain: Number One ("The Cage")
XO: Lt Cmdr Tāne Atoa (OC)
Science Officer (2nd Officer): Lt Thelin ("Yesteryear")
Junior Science Officer: Lt Jennifer Watley ("Trials and Tribble-ations")
Junior Science Officer: Ensign Charlene Masters ("The Alternative Factor")
CMO: Phil Boyce ("The Cage")
Chief Engineer: Lt Cmdr Cait Barry (from Vulcan's Glory)
Security Chief: Francis Reed (from Final Frontier)
Transporter Chief: Chief Petty Officer Natasha Komeni(OC)
Stellar Cartography: Lt T'Meni (Tuvok's mum)
Helm: Lt Sita Mohindas (Star Trek: Early Voyagers)
Navigation: Lt José Tyler ("The Cage")
Communications: Chief Petty Officer Justine Mia Colt ("The Cage")
Junior Communications Officer: Charlotte "Charlie" Sanchez (How Much For Just The Planet?)
Captain's Yeoman: Yeoman First Class Miguel Ortega (OC)
Quartermaster: Senior Chief Petty Officer Loretta Walsh (OC)

Note to self: Need more NCOs. NCOs make the world go 'round. Also, I so wanted to put Yeoman Tamura on Security under Reed, until I remembered the part where, even if she's in her mid-20s in "A Taste of Armageddon", then she's late teens in 2258. Dammit.

So, inside my head, Number One is played by Jennifer Garner, and as of this morning, Boyce is played by Mark Harmon.

Also, yes, I am aware I am so clearly unhinged.
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