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01 June 2009 @ 00:50
So you know how eventually when I have time to write something with an actual plot there will be epic "Gaila and Sulu Go Undercover on an Orion Syndicate-controlled Planet" fic cos I am vaguely obsessed with the idea of a sort of "The Enterprise Incident" type situation, only with People Who Are Not Kirk And Spock necessarily going off to have the adventure?

Consolation Prize is EPICLY HOT pre-movie Sulu/Gaila, courtesy of the kinkmeme. With fencing. Did I mentioned FENCING? And also, EPICLY HOT.
Angie: Mata hari - meshortcakegreen on 1st June 2009 07:15 (UTC)
... That is hot. Very hot. I never thought of that. Hmmm.