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26 May 2009 @ 14:28
A Thousand Words for Snow  
Disclaimer: Star Trek and all related elements, characters and indicia © Paramount Pictures / Bad Robot / Spyglass Entertainment 2009. All Rights Reserved. All characters and situations—save those created by the authors for use solely on this website—are copyright Paramount Pictures / Bad Robot / Spyglass Entertainment 2009.

Please do not archive or distribute without author's permission.

Author's note: Huge thanks to sineala for linguistics geeking help.

A Thousand Words for SnowCollapse )
LMNO: life by emmavescenceella_menno on 26th May 2009 21:30 (UTC)
Gorgeous and poetic. It made me ache (in a good way!)
ljc: star trek (gaila squee)taraljc on 31st May 2009 02:07 (UTC)
thanks so much!
(Deleted comment)
ljc: star trek (foreplay)taraljc on 31st May 2009 02:08 (UTC)
thank you!
Mona: New Spocklame_pegasus on 26th May 2009 21:41 (UTC)
Wow. Simply wow.

Somehow this tale interweaves the magic of language with the sheer power of things you simply can't express by using words.

Marvelously done. And somehow the beginning makes me think of Peter Hoeg's Smilla's Sense for Snow. Not only the beginning, now that I come to think of it. You have the same, hypnotizing ability to lure me into the very core of the story that Hoeg has.

Edited at 2009-05-26 21:41 (UTC)
ljc: star trek (spock)taraljc on 31st May 2009 02:10 (UTC)
I so need to read this book, clearly. And the whole thing was originally touched off by the Famous Footnote in the TMP novelisation, and I really wanted to explore the idea of how imperfect translation can be, and the idea that there was no word for the concept (culturally), yet the concept clearly existed--even if it's only for the two of them.
ineptshieldmaidineptshieldmaid on 26th May 2009 21:44 (UTC)
oh, languages... <3 the language geekery and the way it's such a deep part of her thinking.
ljc: star trek (gaila squee)taraljc on 31st May 2009 02:13 (UTC)
thanks so much! I am learning A LOT in this fandom.
Ishtar: trek:spock/uhura kissishtar79 on 26th May 2009 21:46 (UTC)
That was perfection. I love the way you intertwined Uhura's linguistic musings with the actual smut, which was hot precisely because it was telling us so much about the characters. Beautiful look into Uhura's thought process, and I'm not sure if this leaves me shipping Uhura/Spock or Uhura/language more.
ljc: star trek (spock/uhura)taraljc on 31st May 2009 02:13 (UTC)
Spock/Uhura/Linguistics OT3?
Ms. J to the Diva: star trek: spock & uhurujadeddiva on 26th May 2009 21:58 (UTC)
Oh hell. *fans self*
ljc: star trek (foreplay)taraljc on 31st May 2009 02:13 (UTC)
tehlanestehlanes on 26th May 2009 22:22 (UTC)
This is really just...gorgeous. I definitely have to file this in my memories, just for the sheer brilliance. <3
ljc: bones (art made science her bitch)taraljc on 31st May 2009 02:14 (UTC)
*blush* thanks so much!
printer's ink and bloodjheti on 26th May 2009 23:02 (UTC)
Oh. It's...like a flower made of words. About Uhura and her Spock and who they are. <3
ljc: star trektaraljc on 31st May 2009 02:15 (UTC)
thanks so much! I played with the piece a LOT before I posted it, because I knew what I wanted to do, but I wasn't sure it would come off.
Sixicebluenothing on 26th May 2009 23:13 (UTC)
Ummm. Wow.

.... I really, really don't think I'm going to get anything else done at work today, now.
ljc: star trek (foreplay)taraljc on 31st May 2009 02:16 (UTC)
Coming from you, I take that as high praise, sir. Thanks so much!
ALBATROSS: Zach Quinto // Are you feeling nerdy?keirelle on 26th May 2009 23:22 (UTC)
I *love* this. Great piece of work. My favorite line may be:

"Not even from Swahili, the language she still speaks in her dreams."

I love the idea of Uhura speaking her mothertongue in her dreams, that's it's still a part of her even when she speaks so many other languages. Very nice.
ljc: star trek (spock/nyota otp)taraljc on 31st May 2009 02:16 (UTC)
YES. I have this thing about people speaking the first language they learned in their dreams.
SalR323: Trek 1salr323 on 26th May 2009 23:34 (UTC)
That was lovely, and your description of their relationship is exactly as I imagine it - you describe it, and them, so vividly.

This was a lovely treat, thank you.
ljc: star trek (snog)taraljc on 31st May 2009 02:17 (UTC)
so glad you enjoyed it!
(Deleted comment)
ljc: star trek (comfort)taraljc on 31st May 2009 02:17 (UTC)
*blush* thanks so much for the kind words. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
(Deleted comment)
ljc: star trek (spock/uhura)taraljc on 27th May 2009 00:10 (UTC)
I haven't, but you're the second person who's asked, so I think I'll take a look.
Serena: 13herm_weasley on 27th May 2009 00:23 (UTC)
This is BEAUTIFUL. Wow.
ljc: star trek (comfort)taraljc on 31st May 2009 02:18 (UTC)
thanks so much!
perfectly_n0rmlperfectly_n0rml on 27th May 2009 00:26 (UTC)
Mmmm. Very nice.
ljc: hug spock now!taraljc on 31st May 2009 02:18 (UTC)