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26 May 2009 @ 14:28
A Thousand Words for Snow  
Disclaimer: Star Trek and all related elements, characters and indicia © Paramount Pictures / Bad Robot / Spyglass Entertainment 2009. All Rights Reserved. All characters and situations—save those created by the authors for use solely on this website—are copyright Paramount Pictures / Bad Robot / Spyglass Entertainment 2009.

Please do not archive or distribute without author's permission.

Author's note: Huge thanks to sineala for linguistics geeking help.

A Thousand Words for SnowCollapse )
Benny: to lead it here; spock/uhurabreebree16 on 26th May 2009 20:15 (UTC)
This was just spectacular, so wonderfully written. My favorite line was:

She writes sonnets on his bare back with her short blunt nails

absolutely wonderful.
ljc: star trek (spock/uhura love)taraljc on 31st May 2009 01:46 (UTC)
*blush* thanks so much. I really enjoyed working on it.
Straight Hedge Yardcore: DJ spockmarlo on 26th May 2009 20:16 (UTC)
YOU WIN THE PRIZE. This is utterly gorgeous. I am very very pleased. :D
ljc: star trek (spock/nyota otp)taraljc on 31st May 2009 01:47 (UTC)
yays! Also, your icon is WIN.
Katie: spock - carry onpluginzeta on 26th May 2009 20:18 (UTC)
That was beautiful... just stunning. I was never a huge fan of Spock/Uhura (though I was never a huge Star Trek fan anyway), but this was just beautiful.
ljc: star trek (spock)taraljc on 31st May 2009 01:47 (UTC)
I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
songandsilence: star treksongandsilence on 26th May 2009 20:19 (UTC)
Holy god, that was utterly gorgeous.
ljc: star trek (spock/uhura love)taraljc on 31st May 2009 01:50 (UTC)
thanks! so glad you enjoyed it.
fishphilefishphile on 26th May 2009 20:22 (UTC)
Guh. That was awesome and beautiful on so many levels. Wow.
ljc: star trek (baby spock)taraljc on 31st May 2009 01:51 (UTC)
*blush8 thanks!
That's Lay-day Snackpants to you, buster.amand_r on 26th May 2009 20:25 (UTC)
Oh holy awesome.
ljc: star trek (awesome uhura)taraljc on 31st May 2009 01:51 (UTC)
thanks so much! glad you liked it.
mollior cuniculi capillo: spocksineala on 26th May 2009 20:29 (UTC)
This is wonderful. Also, bonus points for helping refute the Eskimo words for snow myth in a much more fun way than Geoff Pullum's essay.
ljc: star trek (spock)taraljc on 31st May 2009 01:52 (UTC)
belated yays (I am finally taking a break and trying to get caught up on comments). Thank you SO MUCH again for the help with that bit.
hula_kula on 26th May 2009 20:33 (UTC)
This is beautiful. Things like this are why I took a peek behind the fandom curtain again.

Also (correct me if I'm wrong), I believe that I remember you from Buffy fandom. It's a long time ago, and a galaxy far, far away for me (during a really awful time in my life), but I also read (and wrote) some really beautiful things there.
ljc: star trektaraljc on 26th May 2009 20:37 (UTC)
Thanks so much for the kind words!

I only ever wrote one Buffy story, but I wrote a fair bit of Doyle-fic in series one adn two of Angel. But I ran a LOT of websites/mailing lists.

Edited at 2009-05-26 20:37 (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
ljc: star trek (spock/uhura)taraljc on 31st May 2009 02:02 (UTC)
thanks so much!
N.E. Star: STR Live Long & Prospern_e_star on 26th May 2009 20:53 (UTC)
That was so movingly beautiful.

Just wondering, where did you get your Vulcan from?
ljc: star trek (awesome uhura)taraljc on 26th May 2009 20:59 (UTC)
Mostly VOY and ENT, lots of googling, and I made some of it up (mostly the grammar part of "Two Aspects of the Engulfment" which is what the poem is entitled. Sorta. Ish.) here are my research links tag. and I gave I gave Dorothy Jones Heydt a wee shout out.
(no subject) - n_e_star on 26th May 2009 21:11 (UTC) (Expand)
peeps wanna see peeps boink: never tell me the oddsmusesfool on 26th May 2009 21:00 (UTC)
This is gorgeous.
ljc: star trek (spock/uhura)taraljc on 31st May 2009 02:04 (UTC)
thanks so much! It was something I started after I read The Famous Footnote, but I couldn't sort out where I was going with it at first, until I got to the second half. And I wasn't sure I'd pulled it off.
snitches be crazy: spock/uhurashighola on 26th May 2009 21:04 (UTC)
ljc: star trek (comfort)taraljc on 31st May 2009 02:04 (UTC)
Thanks so much!
a princess of now: myster-rafeeqa hansayskywardprodigal on 26th May 2009 21:18 (UTC)
I love this for your deconstruction of 'thousand words for snow'.

I will always love this for kiSwahili.

And the poetry.

ljc: star trek (awesome uhura)taraljc on 31st May 2009 02:06 (UTC)
I always think you're never really fluent in a language until you can think in it (instead of consciously running everything through a translation matrix, basically). And it makes sense to me that she would still dream in the first language she ever learnt.
you all know me: beauty 2ladyoneill on 26th May 2009 21:19 (UTC)
Just lovely and sweet.
ljc: marvel!tarataraljc on 31st May 2009 02:06 (UTC)
thanks so much!
this nerd.: st:aos » your thinning controlmekosuchinae on 26th May 2009 21:20 (UTC)
Um, excuse me for a moment while I explode into a shower of hearts.

ljc: star trek (spock/uhura love)taraljc on 31st May 2009 02:07 (UTC)
YAYS! *dances*