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21 May 2009 @ 23:52
It's Not Easy Being Green  
Remember how, way back in the early days of Star Trek: Voyager fandom, Megan and Jenny Delaney from Stellar Cartography were branded the sluts of the ship for daring to enjoy sex? Right, so I'm having flashbacks. Only this time, it's Gaila who's being called names in the blogsphere for, well... enjoying casual sex as much as James T Kirk does. And dood, GAILA IS AWESOME.

I'm too swamped to write at the moment, but I'm definitely up for hosting a good ole fashioned Commentfic Extravaganza. So if you want to write a little something (drabble, snippet, epic poetry, knock yourself out!) about Cadet Gaila, go ahead and post it here.


Tori Morris: Gailaskywaterblue on 23rd May 2009 04:13 (UTC)
Re: Paradise Found 2/2c
Gaila: needs moar pirate.
(Deleted comment)
Tori Morris: Gailaskywaterblue on 23rd May 2009 04:38 (UTC)
Re: Paradise Found 2/2c
Totally: What happens is she says 'pirates' so Kirk goes full Jack Sparrow and she shows up in Orion Pirate Queen. They don't match at all and she's never seen the movie, but she thinks the hat is dead sexy so halfway through the night they disappear in the closet (for a very long time) and when they come out they've switched costumes.

Everyone thinks it's about time to cut them off, but the entire party agrees: Kirk works those leather pants.
(Deleted comment)
Tori Morrisskywaterblue on 23rd May 2009 04:53 (UTC)
Re: Paradise Found 2/2c
It's a skimpy toga because Uhura managed to convince him that Plato was a good costume. "No, I am Plato," he explains several times because drunk crewmembers get their Greeks and Romans mistaken.

Gaila pulls her aside and loudly compliments her skills at 'man keeping.' 'Cause like, Vulcans are really hard. To seduce! Oh my god. *drink*

Sulu comes as a musketeer. Chekov defies expectations and comes as Zephram Cochrane a totally recognizable costume that becomes even more recognizable the more Scotty spikes the drinks from his still.

And Scotty? No one knows what his costume is about, because they don't understand cricket.
(Deleted comment)
Tori Morris: corsetskywaterblue on 23rd May 2009 05:07 (UTC)
Re: Paradise Found 2/2c
Her costume is totally inspired by her favorite chanteuse of the period. Ironically, the entire crew knows they're shagging because Kirk has a big mouth. But they're letting them keep the illusion, not out of respect for Spock but because Uhura is just THAT committed to it.

westingturtle: thinkchekovwestingturtle on 24th May 2009 23:33 (UTC)
Re: Paradise Found 2/2c
okay, please please please write Halloween on the Enterprise