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21 May 2009 @ 23:52
It's Not Easy Being Green  
Remember how, way back in the early days of Star Trek: Voyager fandom, Megan and Jenny Delaney from Stellar Cartography were branded the sluts of the ship for daring to enjoy sex? Right, so I'm having flashbacks. Only this time, it's Gaila who's being called names in the blogsphere for, well... enjoying casual sex as much as James T Kirk does. And dood, GAILA IS AWESOME.

I'm too swamped to write at the moment, but I'm definitely up for hosting a good ole fashioned Commentfic Extravaganza. So if you want to write a little something (drabble, snippet, epic poetry, knock yourself out!) about Cadet Gaila, go ahead and post it here.


Top: STXI: No human-centric judgements plztopazera on 22nd May 2009 23:33 (UTC)
Sweet, you're already in research mode!

Considering it will also involve her having to go off the pheremone supressents, it'll be... interesting :)
Oh man, that's going to be a hell of a time! Good luck, Mr. Sulu. :D

See, I didn't actually keep up with Enterprise for long enough to see how they handled the Orion slave girls! That was in season 4, I believe? I have some catching up to do to stay informed on all possible Gaila backstory.

And Odyssey 5 is something I've long meant to watch! The plot summary caught my attention and goodness knows I like Christopher Gorham in my television. Damn, I'm really failing on geeky TV today! I must rectify this. XD
ljc: sexy geektaraljc on 22nd May 2009 23:34 (UTC)
I cannot recommend O5 enough. Peter Weller as Chuck Taggart is so awesome, his awesomeness cannot be accurately expressed using mere language. Also, Neil Taggart is SO HOT IT'S STUPID.
Top: Comics: [HQ & Ivy] Cheap and evil girlstopazera on 22nd May 2009 23:39 (UTC)
Well, that's quite the recommendation! Good thing all my TV shows are wrapping up for the summer anyway. Free time, prepare for some new sci-fi. XD

Also, Neil Taggart is SO HOT IT'S STUPID.
Eeee! Your icon is giving me Jake 2.0 flashbacks! That is very pleasant!
ljc: get foleytaraljc on 22nd May 2009 23:50 (UTC)
hehehehehehe. Jake 2.0 is the fandom of my HEART. I wrote stupid amounts of fanfic, and have a website, even.
Top: HK: OMG LOVE!!topazera on 23rd May 2009 00:03 (UTC)
Oh my gosh! You created Geek Love, didn't you? I knew I had seen your name around fandom but I didn't remember where. Wooow, when I watched Jake 2.0 (about three years ago, not when it aired unfortunately!) I would go and check back there after each ep to see what fic I could read. It was great to have the excitement preserved so nicely like that.

Well, now I'm sorry I didn't comment back then! I'm afraid I'm often pretty terrible with feedback when not on LJ. Your website came in very handy for me! Thanks for that! :DD
ljc: hug jake now!taraljc on 23rd May 2009 00:05 (UTC)
I have, like, 5 sites. I was seriously obsessed. And no worries! Just glad to know now you enjoyed the fruist of my insane crack addiction :)
Top: PD: The power of imaginationtopazera on 23rd May 2009 00:13 (UTC)
Ha, the internet is a great place for reaping the benefit of others' obsessions! I just always hope those crazy people know how appreciated they are! ♥