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21 May 2009 @ 23:52
It's Not Easy Being Green  
Remember how, way back in the early days of Star Trek: Voyager fandom, Megan and Jenny Delaney from Stellar Cartography were branded the sluts of the ship for daring to enjoy sex? Right, so I'm having flashbacks. Only this time, it's Gaila who's being called names in the blogsphere for, well... enjoying casual sex as much as James T Kirk does. And dood, GAILA IS AWESOME.

I'm too swamped to write at the moment, but I'm definitely up for hosting a good ole fashioned Commentfic Extravaganza. So if you want to write a little something (drabble, snippet, epic poetry, knock yourself out!) about Cadet Gaila, go ahead and post it here.


(Deleted comment)
Tori Morris: Gailaskywaterblue on 22nd May 2009 19:34 (UTC)
Hot. Or: the most awkward conversation ever, until Gaila decides to end his awkwardness. (OMG, Kirk, you shagged T'Pol?)
Shooting You with My Smilebox_in_the_box on 23rd May 2009 00:13 (UTC)
I never even thought of it before this fic, but cougar!T'Pol would be TEH BEST THING EVAR.
Tori Morris: Uhuraskywaterblue on 23rd May 2009 00:29 (UTC)
Kirk is kind of her type. Brash. Cornfed. Blonde. Human. I could ship it.
Shooting You with My Smilebox_in_the_box on 23rd May 2009 00:40 (UTC)
Oh God, I couldn't resist ...
"Cadet Kirk. You are anatomically gifted - relative to human standards, of course, which fall slightly ... short of those of Vulcan males - and your personality is sufficiently charismatic to insure enough of a non-logical emotional response in me that it causes my vagina to moisten at the mere thought of you. However, while you possess greater endurance than is usual for a human male of your age, you must learn control. I will instruct you. If you fail to satisfy my standards, I will correct you. If you deliberately disobey my instructions, or demonstrate insolence in your behavior, I will mete out consequences for you. This is an extracurricular activity, but it is not an optional one."
Tori Morris: spock/uhuraskywaterblue on 23rd May 2009 02:40 (UTC)
Re: Oh God, I couldn't resist ...
TAKE IT TO THE KINKMEME. T'pol is totally a top though.
Shooting You with My Smilebox_in_the_box on 23rd May 2009 02:52 (UTC)
There's a Trek kinkmeme?
... Wait, what am I saying? Of course there would be. Jesus, I didn't just discover the Internet yesterday. :/
Re: There's a Trek kinkmeme? - skywaterblue on 23rd May 2009 03:19 (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - box_in_the_box on 23rd May 2009 03:24 (UTC) (Expand)
(Deleted comment)
Tori Morris: Gailaskywaterblue on 23rd May 2009 03:29 (UTC)
Re: Oh God, I couldn't resist ...
... I think I'm going to prompt that on the kinkmeme.
Claire: FATBURD (Pokemon)faiarrow on 23rd May 2009 14:04 (UTC)
Re: Oh God, I couldn't resist ...
I think I love you. XD
Greenundeny on 22nd May 2009 20:06 (UTC)
This just made me grin and grin. Awesome.
Dances With Vampires: Gaila innocentyahtzee63 on 22nd May 2009 20:19 (UTC)
I could TOTALLY go for an ongoing Kirk/Gaila fling. :)
A work in progress: Trek Beam Me Upancarett on 23rd May 2009 00:12 (UTC)

Oh, yeah. Gaila rocks!
Shooting You with My Smilebox_in_the_box on 23rd May 2009 04:09 (UTC)
As I said on your LJ, well done.
meiou_setmeiou_set on 23rd May 2009 06:00 (UTC)
Awesome. I love how she's all *whistle la-di-da* while Kirk is turning himself inside out and then goes all IWILLBLOWYOURMIND for an instant. And of course Kirk is just...I need to do that again :D