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21 May 2009 @ 23:52
It's Not Easy Being Green  
Remember how, way back in the early days of Star Trek: Voyager fandom, Megan and Jenny Delaney from Stellar Cartography were branded the sluts of the ship for daring to enjoy sex? Right, so I'm having flashbacks. Only this time, it's Gaila who's being called names in the blogsphere for, well... enjoying casual sex as much as James T Kirk does. And dood, GAILA IS AWESOME.

I'm too swamped to write at the moment, but I'm definitely up for hosting a good ole fashioned Commentfic Extravaganza. So if you want to write a little something (drabble, snippet, epic poetry, knock yourself out!) about Cadet Gaila, go ahead and post it here.


graycardinalgraycardinal on 22nd May 2009 07:45 (UTC)
Unspoken Truths

The African cadet glanced across at her roommate. Gaila's tone was more serious than usual -- though perhaps that wasn't surprising, since ship assignments were due in the morning.

What was surprising, Uhura reflected, was that the Orion hadn't been out celebrating -- or in celebrating, for that matter. Ordinarily, Gaila's response to pressure was predictable, energetic, and guaranteed to occupy most of the evening. Tonight, though, she'd scarcely moved from her workstation. Uhura couldn't imagine what her roomate had been doing; they were both done with regular classes now, and if Gaila was involved in some sort of independent study project or other Starfleet-related research, Uhura didn't know about it.

"Yes?" she said, her curiosity aroused.

"I -- need your opinion on something."

Uhura's eyebrow went up -- or tried to; she was still trying to figure out how Spock managed that gesture so effectively.
"Why me? And why now?"

Gaila turned her head toward Uhura. "Because you're good at music. And I may not have another chance to -- ask."

"Music takes in a lot of territory," Uhura said carefully. "And we may not have the same tastes." Actually, she was fairly sure they didn't, but there was an odd, almost wistful note in Gaila's tone.

"I know. But would you come look at this?"

Restraining a sigh, Uhura got up, crossed the room, and bent to look over Gaila's shoulder. The Orion touched a control, and the image frozen on the display came to life -- an antique video marked by primitive effects work and even plainer background. The audio was equally plain, but the slightly scratchy voice lent an odd sort of purity to the words. Uhura bit back the impulse to laugh after the first line; when the song ended she found herself brushing a tear from her cheek.

She glanced down as her roommate swiveled in the chair. "Where on Earth--?"

"A children's-library archive," Gaila said. "I'm still not sure what 'Muppet' means."

"Neither am I," said Uhura, not quite stifling a giggle. "But that's...eloquent." She pulled a cushion over and plopped onto it. "Thank you."

Gaila's tentative expression widened into a smile. "I hoped you'd like it. And I was thinking--Vulcan blood is copper-based, isn't it?"

Uhura blinked. "What does that--oh." She frowned thoughtfully "Oh. You know," she told Gaila, "I think I need a copy of that."

"Done," Gaila said cheerfully.

"Thank you," Uhura said. "For everything."
Kali: Google her skull-rightoniconsaltorogue on 22nd May 2009 20:53 (UTC)
Re: Unspoken Truths
Oh, that is the CUTEST THING EVER. I'm making squealy high-pitched noises!
JagfanLJ: Meltsjagfanlj on 23rd May 2009 03:10 (UTC)
Re: Unspoken Truths
I love that song.
Shooting You with My Smilebox_in_the_box on 23rd May 2009 04:13 (UTC)
Re: Unspoken Truths
Awww. Silly, sweet and appropriate to the characters.
Top: STXI: The only Orion in Starfleettopazera on 23rd May 2009 07:31 (UTC)
Re: Unspoken Truths
That is just adorable. I love that Gaila didn't go out to celebrate on the night before they were supposed to leave! Aw, roommates! Great job. ♥
Tiger Lily the Ginger Cat: Queen Anne's Lacetigerbright on 27th September 2009 14:15 (UTC)
Re: Unspoken Truths