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infiniteviking: 10infiniteviking on 3rd May 2009 00:55 (UTC)
It is very nifty. *glee*
ljc: star trek (number one = made of awesome)taraljc on 3rd May 2009 01:04 (UTC)
As a graphic designer, I love seeing other folks designs, especially step by step. I love how the various elements evolved til we reach the final approved design.
infiniteviking: 26infiniteviking on 3rd May 2009 02:08 (UTC)
Me too. There were a lot of great elements to the other designs, but the final one did feel the most pleasingly streamlined, at least for me -- though the medium close-up pose in the second phase had a lot going for it too.

Creativity in motion. It will never cease to fascinate.