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a man. a plan. a canal. Panama.

SFX interviews Mark Sheppard and the website version includes Middlegoodies, including some spoilers for The Doomsday Armageddon Apocalypse:
"Javier sent me a finished script for the episode we never did - which he beautifully paid me for, which I thought was the most amazing thing! He's an old, old friend, and he's a wonderful man. Manservant Neville was supposed to turn into David Warner in Time Bandits and everybody on the planet has this iPod-type thing which is the instrument of destruction for the universe. And we never got to shoot it! I was miserable! So my character built this whole thing up, and I don't ever get to shoot me losing it all. So he's finished the script, he sent to me, I think it's hysterical.
"He always writes the word 'Panama' into everything! And I was like, 'Where is it this time?' and he wrote it. The title of the last episode was 'The Palindrome Reversal Palindrome,' which is, 'a man, a plan, a canal, Panama.' Right? So that's how he got 'Panama' into it!

"He's hoping to stage a reading at Comic Con if we can get everyone together, do a charity reading or something. His readings are brilliant, and I urge any Middleman fan, if you can, to assault Javier's website and see if he'll give up any footage of any of the readings that we did, because they are so funny. The show was brilliant, but some of the table reads are the best humour I have ever seen. Fans of the genre would love to hear it. Javier actually reads all the incidental character's lines and the scene descriptions at an incredible speed. I mean he's one of the most intelligent men you're ever gonna meet. It's like having a comic book read to you by a genius, which is great, and then having all the characters come to your house and read their parts. But yeah, it's special. I know he's gonna do it as a graphic novel so he can finish up."
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