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20 February 2009 @ 21:07
themiddleblog would like everyone to know that the series has not been officially cancelled, but is, in fact, hibernating in a high tech vat pending DVD sales.

Please, spread the word.
Pouncer: Girl Hipsthepouncer on 21st February 2009 04:16 (UTC)
*crosses fingers*
infiniteviking: 18infiniteviking on 22nd February 2009 01:15 (UTC)
ljc: the middleman (book)taraljc on 22nd February 2009 01:17 (UTC)

Also, I had a moment, when I saw your icon and went to the wut? place until I processed Harry Potter instead of Gosford Park.
infiniteviking: 30infiniteviking on 22nd February 2009 01:45 (UTC)
Heeeee! Who does she play in Gosford Park?
ljc: gosford park (default)taraljc on 22nd February 2009 01:53 (UTC)
Lady Trentham. And loads of other Potter-folk were in it, too (before they were Potter-folk, obsv.).