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05 February 2009 @ 22:58

So, found this scene:

which yielded:

I am so seriously deranged.

However, it's all because I have an idea inside my head for an icon I want to make.
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el-eye-double-z: NCIS - Never say you're sorrycorellianjedi on 6th February 2009 04:59 (UTC)
Man, you're so talented.
ljc: ncis (coffee)taraljc on 6th February 2009 05:02 (UTC)
Anything that keeps me forcing msyelf to learn Illustrator = good.
jigglykat: A2A: ooooo!jigglykat on 6th February 2009 05:02 (UTC)
AWESOME. Hooray for fake!Starbucks logos! I redid one a few years ago for my personal animation project, but I still need to swap out the siren design in the middle for something else.
infiniteviking: 34infiniteviking on 6th February 2009 05:34 (UTC)
Derangement can be a good thing. XDDD
Merimeri_oddities on 6th February 2009 10:46 (UTC)
As I am mainlining NCIS as we speak, this kind of thing just adds fuel to the fire. *g*
Amychirugal on 6th February 2009 13:01 (UTC)
Stardustgirl: wildeye robinstardustgirl on 6th February 2009 15:17 (UTC)
My pet name for Illustrator is Frustrator. Photoshop was always my best friend. Illustrator is a contrarian, but yeah... the desire to win it over niggles at me too.
eee1313 on 6th February 2009 15:25 (UTC)
Illustrator is my bitch. Then again, it was my primary program for illustration work for what, four years straight? The only thing I'm not good at is creating a gradient mesh. That still manages to elude me. I can do it, I'm just not good at it. Eh.

I find it funny that people who tend to excel at Photoshop have trouble with Illustrator, and vice versa. Have you noticed this as well, or is that just me?

And I need some kind of Illustrator/InDesign/Photoshop icon. Or something that gets across that I am a CS2 junkie.
Could use a little more cowbell: gigglethewhiteowl on 6th February 2009 23:14 (UTC)
!Starbucks, hee.