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28 January 2009 @ 20:39
News from El Jefe (via the Facebook)! The Middleman will be released on DVD by Shout Factory in Summer 2009 (in time for SDCC).

No details on the exact release date yet, or what special features. But YAY DVDS YAY.

ETA: okay, Shout Factory are the fine people who brought us the recent überawesome 10th anniversary Sports Night dvds.

Also, they sell Danny Kaye cds!

I think I want to buy them pies. And puppies. And new shoes.
A succulent breast dispensing good recommendationsyendi on 29th January 2009 02:51 (UTC)
Yay! Any word on a second season yet?
ljc: the middleman (art crawl)taraljc on 29th January 2009 03:25 (UTC)
ABC Family said at SDCC last year that DVD sales would determine the fate of the series. I personally am hoping for a series of MOWs. *crosses fingers*