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21 January 2009 @ 22:46
Okay, so, you know that thing where what I do for a living is graphic design and web design and branding and logos and recreating vector art of logos, and I do pretty much the exact same thing for fun?

I still have yet to find a good clean shot of the logo. So here's what I came up with based on this shot:

I made this:

el-eye-double-z: NCIS - McGeek and Abscorellianjedi on 22nd January 2009 04:51 (UTC)
Wow, that's kind of completely awesome.
ljc: sane-flavouredtaraljc on 22nd January 2009 04:53 (UTC)
I may have to make a shirt, now.
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lizbee on 22nd January 2009 04:54 (UTC)
Does that mean you have the best job in the world, or the worst hobby?

Also, that is pretty fab. I could really do with a Red Bull, suddenly.
ljc: ncis (glam!)taraljc on 22nd January 2009 05:21 (UTC)
It means I get eye-strain, mostly :)
Bud-Clare: kaylee laughing - by lidibudclare on 22nd January 2009 04:57 (UTC)
*dies laughing*
ljc: ncis (mould porn!)taraljc on 22nd January 2009 05:24 (UTC)

Seriously, it was suppsoed to take 15 minutes. Instead, it was kinda off-and-on for 2 hours. Mostly cos the phone rang in the middle.
celli on 22nd January 2009 04:59 (UTC)
ljc: ncis (caf-pow)taraljc on 22nd January 2009 05:05 (UTC)
I think I need a Caf-Pow shirt, to go with my Jolly Fats shirt.
jigglykat: A2A: ooooo!jigglykat on 22nd January 2009 04:59 (UTC)
Awesome, dude! What program(s) did you use?

And I love having a job where I'd want to go home and do the same thing some more for funsies! Speaking of which... *opens Flash*
ljc: ncis (caf-pow)taraljc on 22nd January 2009 05:04 (UTC)
Illustrator. At which I kinda suck, but this is how I get vaguely better... By banging my head against the wall on my own time until things work, so when I have to do same at day job, not so much banging. I am still not so good at drawing in Illustrator. But I have learnt it way way way better in the last 2 years, partly from designing posters for 3 cons as pure vector art. Normally, I am strictly a Photoshop gal. But needs must...
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A good grammarian can outwit any word.cesario on 22nd January 2009 05:05 (UTC)

I've just started watching NCIS, and it all started because I thought they were airing a rerun of the West Wing arc where CJ's got a Secret Service bodyguard.

I kind of love all the characters though.
ljc: ncis (gibbs love)taraljc on 22nd January 2009 05:19 (UTC)
My mum pimped me into it, when they had a marathon on Boxing Day. I have all of I think 4 eps to go, before I am 100% caught up. I saw s3-s6 first, then looped back around to the backdoor pilot and s1 and s2.
(Deleted comment)
ljc: ncis (caf-pow)taraljc on 22nd January 2009 05:18 (UTC)
Found the "Caf-Pow" font 2nd try--it's Franklin Gothic Heavy, which I use all the time. The exclamation point was what took a while to find, but I used a font manager programme to see sample text in all my installed fonts and jut scrolled until I recognised the shape of it (it turned out to be called "Baby Kruffy"). I had to guess on the bottom lettering, because I can't get a clean cap of it. But if I were designing faux-Jolt/Mountain Dew Code Red for telly, I'd use Downcome. So I went with my gut. Then I converted the letetrs to outlines, so I could space them the same way they are on t1he cup, overlapped, and added the strokes and dropshadows. Weirdly, it was looking for the exclamation point that took the most time. The eyes were no time at all.

I'm kinda weird. It's not enough to find a font that's close--I have to find the exact font they used. I think I'm slightly OCD about fonts.

Edited at 2009-01-22 05:22 (UTC)
ain't no party like a dalek partyarefadedaway on 22nd January 2009 05:31 (UTC)
That is obscenely awesome. *wants on a t-shirt*
ljc: the middleman (art crawl)taraljc on 22nd January 2009 05:35 (UTC)
shhhh.... seekrit.

Edited at 2009-01-22 05:35 (UTC)
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sinkwritersinkwriter on 22nd January 2009 05:39 (UTC)
That. Is the stuff of Awesome.

I bow to your design greatness. I wish I knew how to even start playing with such things, because there are a few shows for which I have yet to find the perfect icons (I admit, I'm picky and specific with my wants) so I feel resigned that I may one day have to do it myself. I just have no idea where to begin.

YOU are magnificent and wonderfully creative!
That One Girlmiddlegirl on 22nd January 2009 05:59 (UTC)
I actually used to be a part of an official-ish NCIS group, and one of the members was Harriet Marguelies, the fan liaison. (I don't know if she's still doing that, but she's awesome.)

A few years ago, she showed us pictures of swag that was being given out as part of the sort-of year-end thank you basket (or something to that effect, maybe it was a press thing), and one of it was Caf-Pow based... very similar to this, actually.

All this to say, great job with the recreation. Looks amazing! I never knew you did this professionally, but it shows. I'm adding this to the the list of things that I really want to buy from your CP store, but never remember to set the money aside to...
ljc: ncis (blam!)taraljc on 22nd January 2009 06:15 (UTC)
ooooh nifty! I couldn't find a single clean high-res reference pic online, hence making the screencap myself. But yay for closeness! What was the semi-official group?
(no subject) - middlegirl on 22nd January 2009 06:43 (UTC) (Expand)
(also, i can kill you with my brain.): ncis: iAbbyskripka on 22nd January 2009 06:23 (UTC)
Oh, wow. I need this.
koichi_saisei: Tea!koichi_saisei on 22nd January 2009 08:33 (UTC)
A topic I know about! I was about to add pictures of my Rescue Rangers plane.

I have a pair of reading glasses with a rose tint to help with computer glare and eye strain. Sometimes I get some pretty awful migraines. Other times I’ll close my eyes and see the wireframes of what I’m working on. I mostly get back and neck pain.

I took a digital art class a couple of years ago which used Illustrator primarily with a little bit of Photoshop. I don’t own the programs, so if you sat me in front of them I really wouldn’t know what to do anymore. I still have the books, though.

I took a Flash class after that, but it was more intended for web use and half of us wanted to learn it for animating purposes (so the poor teacher quickly began teaching two classes at once). I couldn’t quite wrap my head around it. I still have the book for it.

Flash, Illustrator, and Photoshop helped me with Maya. It’s a pretty intimidating program, so anything that looked similar was reassuring. Hey look a time slider!

So yeah, I know all about things that you think should have taken a short time only to take forever, have the computer decide it doesn’t like you today, stop in frustration, and spend much of your free time thinking about how you’re going to tackle what you want to get done.

Looks like an interesting show, but I suck royally at schedules. Maybe I’ll find it one of these days when I’m randomly channel surfing.

(Deleted comment)
keeping it vaguely imaginary...: Nifty // i_cracked__kali__ on 22nd January 2009 19:26 (UTC)
That is super nifty!
Pouncer: NCIS Abbythepouncer on 22nd January 2009 23:46 (UTC)
ljc: the middleman (!!!!)taraljc on 23rd January 2009 04:06 (UTC)
I know. I'm a freak. Just spent half an hour tweaking, based on a cap from 5.02.