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29 Yuletide recs in 27 fandoms

very belated yuletide recs... I'd love to do more, but probably won't be able to, until after the reveal.

Being Human
Birth Of A Friendship
I really love this George/Mitchell meet-cute, and can see it happening so clearly. I am desperately sad that the pilot is all that exists of this version of "Being Human" but I've enjoyed reading all the BH yuletide stories so very much, because it's like having extra canon.

Calvin And Hobbes
The Sandwich Story
This just breaks my heart AND my brain.

Across The Raging Tide
Albert/Amanda FTW!

At Whose Gates I Ain't Been Delivered
Ooooh, this just felt exactly right.

Dark City
This is a nifty little prequel that fleshes out Schreber's character a completely believable way. Also, the Strangers are omg creepy.

A Motherfucking Roly-Poly Chubby-Cheeked Shit Machine

Donald Strachey Mysteries
The Thin Man Takes A Husband
This was utterly charming, and captured the feel of the films perfectly.

You all know I love Titania like pie, yes? SO AWESOME.

Gosford Park
Sometimes On The Rarest Nights
This is my pressie. I love my pressie. not only is it a stunningly beautifully research piece of Ivor Novello writing, it also gives me exactly what I'd been desperately seeking for Mabel Nesbitt. Even if you only dimly remember the film, check it out., The format is perfect, the voices are so clear, and I was crying by the end.

Ten Steps Ahead As Always
I love the light touch this has, and the sense of hope.

The Remains Of The Day
I desperately love Mary's pragmatism, about the dress. That's just so perfect.

Invisible Man
How Not To Make Your Move
The banter felt just like the boys, and it entertained me muchly.

Keen Eddie
What They Say About Gay Medievalists
Having now been to Oxford, I was vastly entertained. Also, Best "Ms Moneypenny" moment ever. Someday, I totally need to remember to request Eddie/Carol Ross

Paradise Lost
This is so totally wrong. BDSM Care Bears level of wrong. As such, I laughed myself stupid.

Lost In Austen
Pemberley, Off-Season
OMG YAY. Bingley and Caroline! And and KITTY! And so PERFECT.

Love Actually
Someone You Love
This just breaks my heart, in a good way. Sarah has always been the character I felt for the most, and I love that she and karl find ways to try without losing hope.

Buggre Alle This
This is excellent crackfic, and it amused me muchly.

That Shall Achieve The Sword
I could see this as an episode.

Walking Into Legend
This was a gorgeous cross between the delightful whimsy of the series, and the grandeur of the Matter of Britain. it felt very much like a completely believable "How We Got From Here To There".

Odyssey 5
Gorgeous look at the whole team, through the focal point of Neil as he mourns for Paige.

Home Security
Mickey and Austin! FTW!

Gus Goes For The Gold Star
This is such cracked out fun, and fabulous meta on the whole yuletide process.

Sarah Connor Chronicles
Tell Me How This Ends
I don't know if I will ever find an SCC or Terminator story I love half so much. John in the first 2 films was always more of a cipher and a plot device. But I can believe that the John we see on SCC may/will/might/does become this man. And the different views from every soldier just broke me. particularly future!Cameron, in relation to "Sampson and Delilah" and how the same words hallmark change.

Some Kind Of Wonderful
Portrait In 3/4 Time
Excellent Keith/Watts first meeting!

Special Unit 2
Never Again
You guys, you know my desperate and unholy love for The Middleman? Well SU2 is MM's John the Baptist, and I adore this like pie, because it's ALL SO TRUE OMG.

Slow Sky, Still Water
I'm almost 2 years behind on Spooks, so I don't know all of the context, but this is a gorgeous look at who Jo has become.

The Drop
This Tom story breaks my heart. It's almost worse for him than the others, I think.

Step In The Right Direction
Lovely future meeting between the alien's son and the FBI whackjob's flunkey, over chess.

The Middleman
The Ursine Therianthrope Divination
Roxy Wasserman! Were-bears! MADE OF AWESOME.

A Path In A Garden
This is a gorgeous and stunning look at Dianora through the Tyrant's eyes, and captures the flavour of Kay's prose so well, it feels like pages that slipped out of my copy of the book.

Ius Gentium
I love Jack as a fallen angel, always tempting. Also, MORE FRANCES YAY.

In Dreams
This is just heartbreakingly lovely.

Wire In The Blood
Best Served Cold
This absolutely GETS Carol and Tony. Particularly the attraction Tony holds for Carol. I love all the nuances of their relationship, and the unhealthy and frightening bits right there alongside the companionship and caring.

Rumours, Not-Curry and the Cosmic Scale of Importance
Carol's dead-on, and I love seeing Tony through her eyes. Also, Kevin and Paula make me grin madly.

This feels exactly like a missing scene from the series, full of just the right amount of longing, and why there are lines, and why Carol doesn't cross them, and how much she fears what she'd both gain and loose.
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