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30 December 2008 @ 22:47
I have, erm, something like 50 yuletide recs I need to write up. But this one can't wait. It's as if I got two Yuletide presents: the one I asked for, and this one I never thought to ask for, but got anyway (even tho Thia was the smart, smart human who did ask for it). It's terribly sweet, and a bit naughty, and perfect Albert and Amanda, and it made me glee.

Across the Raging Tide
ljc: love (campion)taraljc on 1st January 2009 06:29 (UTC)
As soon as I sort out where my DVDs have gone (being region 2 means there's a much smaller pool of folks I could have loaned them to than usual) we should TOTALLY have a marathon.