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30 December 2008 @ 22:47
I have, erm, something like 50 yuletide recs I need to write up. But this one can't wait. It's as if I got two Yuletide presents: the one I asked for, and this one I never thought to ask for, but got anyway (even tho Thia was the smart, smart human who did ask for it). It's terribly sweet, and a bit naughty, and perfect Albert and Amanda, and it made me glee.

Across the Raging Tide
ljc: love (campion)taraljc on 31st December 2008 07:24 (UTC)
I have this list inside my head that I can only remember when I'm NOT filling out the yuletide form. And it's got Ghost & Mrs Muir on it, and Man From Atlantis, and Shell Game. And then there's the crossover list, where someday I will probably end up writing that Campion/Gosford Park story, just for fun.

And clearly, there should exist as Shell Game/Leverage crossover.
Azar: Campion - Albert/Amandaazarsuerte on 1st January 2009 01:28 (UTC)
I haven't seen Gosford Park yet, but that sounds AWESOME.

I have an image in my head of Bunter, Jeeves and Lugg playing poker and the former two wondering where on EARTH Campion dug up Lugg and why are *they* associating with him. Also one of Harriet, Amanda and Tuppence having lunch together. AND one where Campion somehow turns out to be Remington Steele's grandfather (though the logistics of that one are a nightmare due to timelines, hair colors, et al).

Whether they will ever get written, I have no idea! *g*