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19 November 2008 @ 12:54
Is it sad that, despite the fact that Bella in Twilight completely lacks agency, is a truly horrific role model for girls and women, and Edward is a seriously creepy stalker, I still want the film to be a huge hit just to prove to Hollywood that a blockbuster written and directed by women, about a lead female character, with a primarily female audience, can be a massive financial success without it being considered a fluke?
Neaneadods on 20th November 2008 02:56 (UTC)
*points upwards and sighs*

Remember "League of Their Own"? Movie about women that isn't about finding your One True Love? Movie about women getting on often in spite of men? Movie that was a HUGE hit?

An quote in a newspaper report about its status seared into my brain. One of the other studio execs was asked if he thought there was a market in making non-romance movies for women, and he said the only reason League was doing well was because women made their dates take them to it.

Not that women saw it alone. Not that men would want to see a non-patronizing movie about women. Nope, even in a plot about women with capability and agency, he was still counting the peckers in the audience.