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Dear Yuletide Santa:

Please not to be scared! I apologise for the 90% friends-locked-ness of my journal. I suck that way. I know it's terrifying and maddening to try and get a read on someone who keeps herself to herself, even the fannish posts. I'll go through my tags and see what I can unlock for the Yuletide Season tho, without wigging out too completely. All my previous yuletide Dear Santa letters I believe are still public. And here are some general LJC things you should know:

I am not one of those "happily ever after" curtain-fic types. While I am a romantic, I don't expect Shakespeare Comedy Weddings to end every story. That's probably pretty obvious, but the posts I've made in the past about characters and what I enjoy about their interactions in canon, and the potential that exists for those relationships to be explored and grow and change. But I really do dig the relationships in canon, and love to see those explored--as well as their potential explored.

That said, I am not so much with the slash in my yuletide fandoms this year, except for that tiny part of me that so totally believes that Wendy and Lacey experimented in college. And possibly every once in a while when they're had way too much green punch. And any time they go to support the Pride Parade. Or out dancing. Or that one time at Art Crawl 2004. But that was performance art, so it might not actually count.

Because I am a rebel, I do not 'ship Wendy/Middleman. Not even a little bit. I totally dig the wacky partnership and sibling relationship, and I can see why folks 'ship them, but, ermm... yeah. not me. (Also, erm... okay, I kinda 'ship John/Cameron and Sarah/Derek and IN MY SECRET HEART had a moment of Sarah/Cameron for its very WRONGNESS)

I love character development. I love humour. I love stories that capture the feel and tone of the source. I love stories that experiment with the boundaries of tone and feel of the source. I love missing scene stories A LOT. I love epistolary novels. I love dialogue. I love cheese--the variety from a can, as well as a lovely brie with some sliced apples and maybe some $6 wine. I love 3rd person limited. I love 1st person. I find 3rd person omniscient difficult to achieve, personally, and rarely see it actually work without just coming across as 3rd person limited that jumps from POV to POV. But if you can do it, then GO ON, MY SON, sez I. I think 2nd person is actually a trick played by authors on an unsuspecting public, and am wary and distrustful of it, on principle. But likewise, if it makes you glee, then who am I to stand in the way of glee?

I love the meta of all my fandoms. I love what they say about the nature of story, and storytellers.

I love The Middleman's stylised patter that is the closest thing I've ever seen on television to the way my friends and I actually converse. And I love that they don't just fight evil--they fight SILVER AGE COMIC BOOK EVIL, with awesome NASApunk accoutrements, and the occasional fist fight with CGI fish. But at heart, it's Wendy's story about her relationships with her friends and co-workers, and that's the truth that grounds it.

I love how much Sarah Connor Chronicles does with silence, and characters NOT talking to each other, and the depth and breadth of those relationships and how every single combination of characters has so much potential for fantastic drama. And also, killer robots from the future.

I love how Gosford Park is a pastiche of the classic English Drawing Room Mystery, while still being a fascinating snapshot of a vanishing society, and about real characters you care about or at least can see and feel and understand, even when you hate them. And I adore Mabel for being one of the only characters for coming out of that house better and stronger than she went in, and I love Ivor for not just using her to bolster his own ego, but actually caring about her a little bit as well. That's made of awesome.

I love the total insanity of Lost in Austen, and how it's a perfect Mary Sue that just also happens to be an awesomely entertaining story that, like Galaxy Quest, GETS US. Gets how fans brains are wired, and fangirls in particular. Also, who doesn't love subverting the text? We live for that. And you get the added bonus of subverting TWO separate texts, and a thorny complicated meta mess of awesome. Gotta love magic doors in space-time to and from fictional worlds. Also, Empire-waisted dresses make everyone look good. And none of that Life on Mars bleakness or ambiguity. It's a straightforward kind of telefantasy that gave us CANONICAL DARCY WITH A TELETUBBIE. It's crack, and I love crack, me.

I love really kickass chicks who are flawed and real and strong and smart and clever and make mistakes, and own their mistakes, and take chances, and stick to their guns, and trust their instincts. I love their partners and husbands and fathers and brothers and sons and boyfriends and ex-boyfriends and confidants and adversaries, and I really love that one desk clerk in Hell that one time. No, really. He was awesome. And played by a DePaul grad. Go Chicago!!

Mostly, I love yuletide. So don't worry. It'll all be okay. I promise. Because it's a pressie, and pressies are awesome.

Being me, I can point you toward fandom resources for my fandoms! Being me, erm... I actually run two of them. I'M SORRY I'M A FREAK. But if you're looking for transcripts and resources, depot 37 has transcripts of s1 of SCC, and will soon have s2, as soon as I, erm... get around to adding them. Land of Might-Have-Been has some pretty terrifyingly anal retentive book lists and essays and research links, plus a transcript of the film (which I keep editing for accuracy, since whoever originally compiled it clearly did it... selectively.) middlescript has transcripts of the first season of The Middleman and all my MM posts and pretty much unlocked, due to pimpage. Also, it's all less than $20 on iTunes right now. And if you buy it, that alone will make me glee.

And I'll see what I can do, re: LiA.


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