ljc (taraljc) wrote,

Okay, you know how I pimp telly all the time but aside from Boiled in Lead and Queen, I am sadly music illiterate to the point where my friends mock me for not recognising the Beatles as, you know, The Beatles when I hear "Eleanor Rigby" on the radio?


I has a new fave album by my new fave band. I am going to load one song, so you can hear it and love it the way I do, and if you do, you can buy it offa Amazon.com for $9 and that's, like, so awesome I cannot begin to tell you. And if you love it, and tell all your friends, and they all buy it, then they will get überfamous and go on tour and have adventures and wee bandom people will start writing fic about them and stuff AND IT WILL BE AWESOME and you can say "I remember them from when they were just on Myspace" and be cooler than all your other friends.
Tags: middleman, the brendan hines
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