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Things what I love:

Wendy and Lacey. Having marathonned the whole show today with thehoyden prior to the finale, I am struck once more by how much I adore their friendship. I love the delicate balance between Wendy's middlelife and her Art Crawl! life, and how being able to live each allows her to appreciate and value the other. And I love that Lacey loves Dubbie enough to stop pushing, and just accept that the arrangements might change, but their friendship doesn't. And that she made sure Wendy knew that, and would never doubt it.

OMG THE MIDDLEBOY. Also, knowing where the comics went, it fascinated me to see Evil!Wendy actually being The Big Bad, because it illustrates exactly how much her relationships with Lacey, the Middleman and Noser make our Wendy the hero she is. Because same circumstances yielded radically different Wendy's, and that's nature vs nurture right there. hence who I love AU stories, for their opportunity to really examine the canon characters and who they are at their core.


OMG IDA. I love that even in hawt babe form, Ida is Ida is Ida.

Also, I loved the whole "Batman Goes Dark After Jason Todd" thing AUMiddleman had going. And you know I am thinking wicked hot bad thoughts about him and AU-Lacey. Cos yeah... NOT SIBLINGS. But oh the mullet. *hides her eyes*. I'm sure AULacey will help him with that. And how much do I love the not-so-subtle ditching of sexy!Ida now that he's got Lacey? Tho I hope Noser is let in on the fun. Cos AUNoser was BADASS.

That said, DAYUM.

OMG AULACEY as sexy AUsidekick. HAWT.

I love that, going by the rules of the Mirror Universe where good people are bad, bad people are good, we know Manservant Neville is a story yet to come. And knowing it is lurking makes me anticipate with joy season two (which I continue to treat as a foregone conclusion, as I continually send ABC Family m&m candies, advise others to do same, and pimp my little heart out, until I hear otherwise) even more than I did 4 hours ago. And lemme tell ya, I've been practically bouncing off the ceiling with anticipation, so you can I'm sure understand exactly what it's like for me now that we've seen how massively awesome the show can be.

And speaking of the massive wall of awesome I slammed into, how much did I adore the care that went into the set dressing and photography of the MirrorMiddleverse? I love the green/cold colours/metal/decaying to clash with the warm/earth tones/wood panelled/brightly coloured world we've come to love. I love the different posters up in AU Jolly Fats, I love redressing the loft set as a strip joint, and I love all the 1984/The Revengers Tragedy/Max Headroom visuals. Seriously.

I love how we ended the first season very much with a snapshot of who Wendy has become, as well as exactly how she is who she has always been. But how far she's come. She's got a job she loves that makes a difference, a best friend who loves her for who she is in TWO UNIVERSES, a boyfriend who really DID bring her champagne and diamonds instead of a balding boom mic operator and heartache (seriously, Tyler is the anti-Ben. He actually DID give her champagne and diamonds, and there was kinda sorta world travel), and a partner who moved worlds for her. That's pretty goddam awesome.

Things What I Do Not Love:

No AU-MM/Lacey snogging. Cos again, I repeat, DAYUM. Especially in her Middleman uniform.

The fact that unlike every other Monday, my first thought upon waking this morning was not "OMG YAY MIDDLEMAN TONIGHT!" but "AFTER TONIGHT, NO MORE MIDDLEMAN FOR 10 MONTHS." I feel the way I did in 2005, when I saw "Parting of the Ways" and it dawned on me, no new Doctor Who until Christmas. Only this is WAY WAY HARDER cos not only do we not get a MM Christmas special, the show is still not picked up for s2 yet, hence my continually emailing ABC Family and asking when they're going to run a MM Marathon cos I can only do so much luring fangirls alone or in groups to my home for 8.6 hours at a time. And I have a vested interest in people who haven't seen the show since it changed timeslots, or have heard of it due to fangirl pimpage but have not yet seen, for to have a chance to actually see it all in order and fall madly in love with it, and have Nielsen boxes so their love is measurable to advertisers and thus winning MM another 13 ep order AND a back 9 they gets an early pickup and 8 day shoots and a better timeslot, so it can become a global phenomenon the way Buffy did, only please not to be sucking after season 3 oh please oh please oh please.

It's hard to explain. But the anticipation and unknowing is that kind of waiting-til-next-year little-kid-on-Christmas-Eve-waiting-for-dawn* TV excitement that I only ever get from something that takes over my life for months at a time, and is really, really rare. With Firefly and Jake 2.0 I knew as I watched the final episodes that it was already gone and nothing I could do could ever bring them back (and for the record, Serenity is not what I wanted. Another television series with the focus on the characters and their relationships is what I wanted, and what I still mourn losing. And j20 just broke my heart because no-one not on the internet with Magical Elves™ in the States got to see how truly awesome the unaired eps were until they showed up on SFC so they didn't know why I was fighting so hard).

And the passion I felt about Jake 2.0 is the closest thing I can equate with my unholy love of MM. This show is made specially for me and people like me in a way that very few shows are. Even Doctor Who, I accept that it's made for 8 year olds, and the fact I adore it is a total bonus, but I am not actually Cardiff's target audience. They've GOT their target audience sewn up. Hell, they got a series 2 pickup the night the series premeire first aired. MM, otoh, is so totally pitched squarely at me and mine, that I can't figure out yet WHY it hasn't taken off with a zeitgeist that rivals BSG's and leads to much less heartache and emo and missing ovaries.

Hence me continuing to fight. Cos MM still has a real chance if people just keep spreading the word, and fighting to show ABC Family that they can make money off this show, through after market sales, DVD sales, iTunes sales, etc.

So yeah, right now, I'm still in that stunned state of "I can't believe how totally awesome that was, OMG," followed immediately by "What the hell am I gonna do next Monday?????"

* bear in mind that despite being pagan, I have no issues at all with Christmas, since 99% of the celebrations are pagan stuff anyway, and the only folks who ever seem to notice that are seriously hardcore Protestant sects who forbid dancing and stuff.
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