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101 Reasons to Love The Middleman

101 Reasons to Love The Middleman

1.Natalie Morales' ability to spout complicated dialogue without pausing for breath.
2.Matt Keeslar's ability to spout complicated dialogue without pausing for breath.
3.The contents of Wendy's pullbox.
4.Funny things happening in the background while people in the foreground remain unaware (never stops being funny).
5.Matt Keeslar's arms.
6.Sensei Ping's shirt being ripped off by invisible ninjas.
7.Wendy's relationship with Lacey.
8.Wendy's relationship with Noser.
9.Wendy's relationship with the Middleman.
11.Wendy beating the tar out of Ben.
12.The Middleman's doofy grin.
14.Dune references.
15.Star Wars references.
16.Indiana Jones references.
17.More Indiana Jones references.
18.Willow references.
19.More Willow references.
20.Ghostbusters references.
21.Doctor Who references.
22.James Bond references.
23.Top Secret References.
24.I Spy references that three members of the audience got but those three people clapped their hands with glee.
25.Highlander references.
26.Titanic references.
27.Die Hard references.
28.More Die Hard references.
29.Roxy Wasserman.
30.Roxy Wasserman punching the Middleman.
32.Weapons and gadgets and things.
36.Swanky Ida's brain Ida.
37.The Middleman speaking Chinese.
38.The Middleman speaking Manticoid.
39.The Middleman speaking Hebrew.
40.Wendy speaking Spanish with English Subtitles.
41.Wendy speaking English with Spanish subtitles.
42.Stump the Band.
43.More Stump the Band.
45.Lobster dinner.
46.Young Noser.
48.The Middlemobile!
49.The Middlemobile II!
50.The Middlejet.
51.The Cancersub The Middlesub.
52.FATBOY coffee.
53.FATBOY ice-cream.
54.FATBOY wine in a box (CLASSY).
55.Unexpected nekkid Kevin Sorbo is unexpected!
and by 'shaboomey', I of course mean Natalie totally rocking the cleveage.
57.Flashy Thing!
59.Thermal detonator!
60.Hruck Bug Bear!
61.Wendy in a Mrs Peel catsuit.
62.Wendy in a Mrs Peel catsuit as an actual plot point.
63.That guy in the Underworld.
64.That guy in the hospital.
65.That guy in the sorority house.
66.That chick in the trout zombie episode .
67.The Middleman going !!!!
68.The Middleman's unfortunate taste in music.
69.Lacey's unfortunate taste in music.
70.ZOMG Gut Wrencher 1.
71.The Batter of the Bulge Pancake House.
72.Wendy painting.
73.Wendy kicking ass.
74.Wendy kicking Ben's ass (so nice we mentioned it twice).
75.Wendy kicking Doctor Phil Gill's ass.
76.Unexpected Mark Sheppard is unexpected!
77.Lacey fighting for the bunnies.
78.Lacey fighting for the environment.
79.Lacey fighting for her right to occasionally be nekkid while fighting for the environment.
80.Lacey fighting Pip on Wendy's behalf cos that's what friends do.
81.Lacey and Noser all dolled up.
82.Lacey as City.
83.Vampire puppets!
85.More kissing.
87.The plan is sheer elegance in its simplicity.
88.The H.E.Y.D.A.R..
89.The Baby H.E.Y.D.A.R..
90.Unexpected nekkid Matt Keeslar is unexpected!
91.Wacky glasses.
92.Wacky aliens.
93.Wacky Mad Scientists.
94.Wacky Evil Boy-Bands.
95.Unexpected showrunner cameo is unexpected!
96.Unexpected showrunner cameo is totally expected, due to his LJ icon of OMERTA RAT poster.
97.Les McClaine!
98.The many deaths of the Interrodroid.
100.Pointy beards.
101.8.6 hours of sheer awesome, in handy 43 minute chunks, perfect for sharing with friends.
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