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27 August 2008 @ 20:23
101 Reasons to Love The Middleman  
101 Reasons to Love The MiddlemanCollapse )
.starship puddlejumper: Heroicyo_helena on 3rd September 2008 04:32 (UTC)
That show looks FANTASTIC.

If only I had Fox Family. :( I used to LOVE Big Wolf on Campus! :D
jigglykat: PD: kristin *wins*jigglykat on 3rd September 2008 14:45 (UTC)
I feel the need to shout out "TROUT" now.

And thanks for this! I just caught up on this show (you know, right when the season ended!) and I love it.
ljc: the middleman (trout)taraljc on 3rd September 2008 20:18 (UTC)
Third Mouse: military penguin (SGA)thirdblindmouse on 3rd September 2008 23:38 (UTC)
I'm sold. *scrounges around for Middleman disk she knows she has somewhere*
green-blooded hobgoblinscifigirl on 4th September 2008 04:48 (UTC)
What about the Back to the Future references? Those are the ones that got me!
ljc: the middleman (wendy = awesomesauce)taraljc on 4th September 2008 04:50 (UTC)
I couldn't find caps of "Accidental Occidental" but I have on my already-being-compied list of "101 More Reasons" which I'll put up when the DVDs are announced :)

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Nomi: middlemangnomi on 4th September 2008 15:14 (UTC)
This is a post of sheer beauty.
Polter-Cow: Approved!spectralbovine on 4th September 2008 15:17 (UTC)
Yes x 101!!
ljc: the middleman (mm)taraljc on 12th September 2008 02:19 (UTC)
woot! Don't forget to send m&ms.....
Polter-Cow: JD'oh!spectralbovine on 4th September 2008 15:19 (UTC)



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ljc: the middleman (sigh)taraljc on 4th September 2008 15:32 (UTC)
It's on the "101 More Reasons" list, for when the DVDs are scheduled :)

I am now planning ahead. I left out SO MUCH OMG. Cos there's so much to love!
webehwebeh on 4th September 2008 19:49 (UTC)
I heart the Middleman. It just always makes me day that much better.
ljc: the middleman (book)taraljc on 12th September 2008 02:20 (UTC)

Write to ABC Family and tell them you love it!

eta: I can type. Honest. *facepalms*

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jezebellydancer: coffin babejezebellydancer on 5th September 2008 00:39 (UTC)
I may just have to get cable for this...
ljc: the middleman (!!!!)taraljc on 12th September 2008 02:18 (UTC)
Hurrah! Write to ABC Family and tell them to run a MM Marathon....

eta: I can type. Honest. *facepalms*

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(no subject) - jezebellydancer on 12th September 2008 04:11 (UTC) (Expand)
eli: bouncy ballselishavah on 5th September 2008 21:13 (UTC)
I just finally finished watching the last episode last night, and \o/

Thank you for the enabling disc at VVC!
ljc: the middleman (manservant neville)taraljc on 12th September 2008 02:17 (UTC)

here's the deal with the m&ms

Your Staryourstar202 on 27th September 2008 02:16 (UTC)
taraljc you are made of so much win, I had to tell you how much I loved this (again) LOL! Any word on the fate of our beloved show???
when she smiles it's like a revelation: Twirlfox1013 on 17th March 2009 22:02 (UTC)
pearl_o pointed me here when I complained there were no more episodes, and THIS IS SO AWESOME I CANNOT EVEN SAY.
ljc: the middleman (trout)taraljc on 17th March 2009 22:09 (UTC)
There will be "101 More Reasons", soon as I a) have them all and b) have DVD artwork/streetdate/amazon link. I already have at least 25 I left out the first time, and then I need to come up with the rest, or throw it open to middlefan to help. But "TROUT!" still breaks me, every time I go back.

Have you listened to all the podcasts with the writers? Those are good for withdrawl.
mneiaimneiai on 4th August 2009 21:14 (UTC)
All of that was true! Though, the fact the universe needs this list is sad. So sad.
raanve on 12th March 2010 20:55 (UTC)
This post is amazing!
ljc: the middleman (book)taraljc on 12th March 2010 21:11 (UTC)
I meant to do another one for the DVD release, putting in all the stuff I left out, but I got crunched for time... *sadface*
Charlotte; Possy Magnet.: TV | Middleman | Wendy & Sexy Boss-manelsmoka on 9th August 2010 10:25 (UTC)