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26 August 2008 @ 22:03
Jamie at MediaBLVD has a nifty peachy-keen interview with Andy Reaser, as he explains the obscure and arcane origins of !!!! and "TROUT!" and the glee he gets from this day to random strangers walking up to him and yelling "ART CRAWL!"

And yes, it's Tuesday, and I have once again missed Eureka as I hung out in the middlecast chat room, and somewhat inexplicably, on the phone for, like, an hour.

i am so sorry, guys. i swear, it will not happen again.
Absoluteabsolute_tash on 27th August 2008 04:00 (UTC)
Entirely unrelated but OMG that Tony/Carol icon you just uploaded is SO hot. Yum. It makes me want to get off my arse and finish my latest Wire in the Blood fan fic!
ljc: prelude to a kisstaraljc on 27th August 2008 04:17 (UTC)
I used to have loads, and decided it was time to reupload this one, cos it was my fave.

Carol Jordan rocks hardcore.
(Deleted comment)
ljc: facepalmstaraljc on 27th August 2008 04:16 (UTC)
I couldn't hear you :( I am so. very. lame.
The Fabulous Rennrenn on 27th August 2008 14:36 (UTC)
Ha! I finally get what "TROUT!" and "ART CRAWL!" mean! Hooray for iTunes and long plane flights!