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25 August 2008 @ 21:40
Wow, so not completely a bottle show. BUT JUST AS AWESOME.

Also, unexpected nekkid Matt Keeslar!


I fear Manservant Neville. *hugs Tyler close*


ETA: I totally teared up at Wendy and MM at the top of Act V.

Scavenger: whoscavgraphics on 26th August 2008 06:14 (UTC)
I meant it real life as in he's Morgan Sheppard's son.
I know the cast of Gargoyles:D

(For gargoyle's stuff, you should see my newest DVD covers @ http://scavgraphics.deviantart.com/ )

And I knew you as a geeky fangirl in 1992...well 1993-94 likely....remember the LNH...you were part of the NTB? I, was one of the founders of it, before I became beagle-addled? :)
ljc: hell yeah (ljc)taraljc on 26th August 2008 20:24 (UTC)
whoa. zomg, who were you in the LNH? I was Token Girl, and LJC of the NTB (I think the other founders were Mr Elmo, Dvandom Stranger, Darkrose, and I can't remember who played Kit. Damn.).
I am having such a universe = grapefruit moment now.

Scavengerscavgraphics on 26th August 2008 21:23 (UTC)
Yes, I know who you were. ;) That's why I have you on my FL :-D
I was known then and now as Scavenger. LNH I was/am Rebel Yell (List Lad/Plot King/Allusion Lad).

NTB was an Acraphobe spin off-- I made the Acraphobe line (Because I can't spell and wanted to curse) :)