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25 August 2008 @ 21:40
Wow, so not completely a bottle show. BUT JUST AS AWESOME.

Also, unexpected nekkid Matt Keeslar!


I fear Manservant Neville. *hugs Tyler close*


ETA: I totally teared up at Wendy and MM at the top of Act V.

Stephanieteffy on 26th August 2008 03:53 (UTC)
Oh, the wibblyness of MM. The whole brave little soldier thing. Gah I love it. And then, when he does that thing with idea where he gets that goofy grin on his face when she's all "nice try". So cute!
ljc: the middleman (mm)taraljc on 26th August 2008 04:11 (UTC)
Matt is just so awesome. The whole cast, but he just sells the MM's sincerity so perfectly. I hate it when people are all "Oh yes, he simply inhabits the role, don't you think, darling?" BUT OMG HE SO DOES. I want to pet his Ken-doll immobile hair.

So. Awesome.
Stephanie: the middlemanteffy on 26th August 2008 04:13 (UTC)
Hehe. His Ken-doll hair! Oh, oh, and his underwear and undershirt! So awesome.