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25 August 2008 @ 20:08
FYI, tonight's ep is writer Margaret Dunlap's first MM script (though she's worked on the series all season long, and is in fact Margaret of "I'm not typing that" fame.) and she's going to be grilled interviewed on the middlecast podcast tomorrow evening.

The middlecast chatroom on Talkshoe has actually become my fave place to be on Tuesday nights, tho I apologise to everyone whom I torture with my apalling live chat typing skills or lack thereof. Someday, I will send you all decoder rings, I promise.

And lastly, I send you all to this spoiler-y picture from the filming of tonight's ep, for the glory and the wonder that is our beloved Ida.

Awesome, she is. Swanky, even.
"Bumblebee, stop lubricating the man.": Spn Jared Grotesque Middleman Quote.faithfulpuppy85 on 28th August 2008 14:34 (UTC)
I might even go so far as to say she's sexy. :D