ljc (taraljc) wrote,

So for those of you playing "spot the hommage!" in each and every episode of The Middleman, Himself has started posting annotations for all for us at themiddleblog, starting with last night's ep, and working backwards.

Also, for those of you home from work already, Javi will be a guest on The Middlecast Podcast at 9/8c tonight. Be there or be other people who aren't actually there and will feel foolish and left out tomorrow when they catch up on their flist tomorrow morning on the sly at work and realise they could have in fact been peppering Javier Grillo-Marxuach with questions about everything from The Stupid Stick to Matt Keeslar's manly arms, live and in person instead of watching people in China do things on tape delay.

Cos the Olympics happen every two years, people, but Javi Live And In Person is a ONE TIME ONLY thing.

you know, unless you come to a convention with him. or go bowling. or do tequila shots. or all three.

And you know you wanna yell "ART CRAWL!" and/or "TROUT", right?

it may just be me.
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