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11 August 2008 @ 11:34
spoiler-y pics for tonight's ep! Kevin Sorbo! WW in Mrs Peel Cat-suit! OMG.

Also, if you have not yet seen, there is an interview with MM artist & co-creator Les NcClaine, as well as a great write-up of the MM panels and goings on at SDCC, currently up at abcfamily.com/middleman.

My head may actually explode from Middleglee, today.
Cedara: *OMG_boobiez*-(SGA-Teyla)cedara on 11th August 2008 16:41 (UTC)
*stares at Wendy's catsuit*

*stares some more*

Vera: middleman - ironiccopracat on 11th August 2008 16:51 (UTC)
But what if I expire of delight before I even see it? How many hours away is it? Seven? Eight? Oh my.
jesshelga on 11th August 2008 16:52 (UTC)
I watched the Ghostbusters/Animal House homage yesterday. What a thoroughly delightful episode (I say, as a crazy huge fan of Ghostbusters). I can't wait for tonight!
An Overachiever of the Wrong Persuasion: Middleman - Wendy Shruggingrhi_silverflame on 11th August 2008 17:23 (UTC)
. . . hello there, WW.

Thus ends the extent of my coherence now.
amarettolime25: middleman/wendyamarettolime25 on 11th August 2008 23:14 (UTC)
Have you seen this? I want that thirteenth episode so badly.