ljc (taraljc) wrote,

Kate O'Hare has an interview with Javi, chock full of spoilers for the finale, and discussion of life beyond ep 12, the likeliness thereof, and delicious chocolate treats that melt in your mouth but not in your hand.

Also, listened in on the Middlecast podcast tonight. I am clearly a BAD FANGIRL as I knew no such podcast existed. But next week, El Jefe himself may be there, so tune in!

(Also, side note, IE wouldn't stream the audio, but Firefox did.)

And lastly, found yet more Ghostbusters refs. in this week's ep. zomg. Seriously. Janine even made it in! But I'm not gonna tell you where. I want to see if you can guess.

ETA: Ah! new Javi-cast!
Tags: middleman
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