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02 August 2008 @ 19:17
You people are a very bad influence on me.

Basingstokebasingstoke on 3rd August 2008 01:17 (UTC)
Huntress on the left, Catwoman on the right?

It looks like hotness.
ljc: bat/cattaraljc on 3rd August 2008 01:43 (UTC)
Selina on the left, Talia on the right.
(Deleted comment)
ljc: hell yeah (kitty)taraljc on 3rd August 2008 02:49 (UTC)
Inside my head, I have a very good explanation of why the cat mask. And she wears back motorcycle leathers and stompy boots, yes.
fryadvocategirl_wonder on 3rd August 2008 02:41 (UTC)
100% yes to that.
Gunbunny: flying toasterburntcopper on 3rd August 2008 12:21 (UTC)
so who be Summer Glau then? I presume she's not meant to be Vicki Vale.

ETA after reading the comments : Talia? Huh. I always thought of Talia as distinctly middle-eastern, but the concept of Talia vs. Selina - Bruce, choose the thief! Less fucked up! No daddy issues! Less likely to screw you over, and actually interested in you as a *person* rather than a 'I have seen this person *once* and decided to fall for him. yis.'

Edited at 2008-08-03 12:24 (UTC)
indie: catindiefic on 4th August 2008 18:59 (UTC)