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28 July 2008 @ 22:29
OH NOES LACEY. And I am ded of cute from their attempts at movie date. Seriously. DED OF CUTE. I love how flustered and adorable they both are.

Also, I totally want them to make out.

Also, how awesome was Noser in his white tie and tails? SERIOUSLY AWESOME.

The pacing in this one felt different--not off, so much as different. Slower, not as quirky and not as much with the breakneck speed. But it works for this ep.

(side note: I'm noticing, as I watch the table reads on abcfamily.com, that a lot of times I'm digging the read throughs because of the line readings, which makes me realise how key the direction and editing of the show is. Part of what makes the patter work is the pacing, and sometimes, that doesn't always gel for me in the final edit [I AM A BAD FANGIRL].)

OH OH OH and I loved MM and Roxy. Seriously. He looks so disappointed. I still think they had a thing, once. Maybe. You know, when he was a green little Middleapprentice. In that sort of way where she was totally, totally in charge and they never speak of it ever again, but Ida knows and blackmails him with the Real-Time Situation Record Archive footage when she wants to watch The Price Is Right instead of running searches on the H.E.Y.D.A.R. for rogue vampires or aliens or sentient talking dogs.

(shut up. you know, if Unnamed Metropolis On Both Coasts was near Suffolk Co., MM would TOTALLY go to Callahan's Place ALL THE TIME. And Jake and Noser would sit at the end of the bar, playing "Stump the Band")

I do love Wendy totally taking charge with the harpoon. And I'd have felt bad about her killing Cecil, if it weren't for the fact that he was such complete and total slime, and Lacey and Noser (among others) weren't in life-threatening peril.

OH THE DANCE. You guys, I am such a SUCKER for this sort of thing. And all brave stiff-upper lip from MM while Lacey is all "Life, it is unfair" with the single tear and *flail*. Also, I had the moment of "oh noes, spoilers!" when Lacey went to reveal the end of the movie, and then it was sorta kinda exactly how I would have worded an LJ post. And did did click on the metaphorical cut-tag.

Also? She so totally knows they fight evil. Wendy is so getting a free pass from now on.

But oh, poor Lacey and MM.

*hugs them and strands them in an elevator together during a black-out*

I hope they get to make out in the finale.

Also, I think Noser has a torch burning. And I love watching Jake pay SERIOUS ATTENTION to his waltzing. I so want to keep him in my pocket.What I want to know is, what's up with the Vespa?
What the Monkey?svilleficrecs on 29th July 2008 03:36 (UTC)
Lacey fondling MM's neck for like A MINUTE STRAIGHT while wearing satin gloves = pretty much the HOTTEST THING EVER.
ljc: the middleman (together)taraljc on 29th July 2008 03:48 (UTC)
I so expected her to kiss him when she pulled him back into the waltz. *sigh* AND HE WAS ALL STOIC. *flails*
Trixietrixalicious on 29th July 2008 04:36 (UTC)
The balance of my flist has come to hate Lacey, so I'm glad I found you to love her with. I think she and MM are delightful (separately and together). Javi's mentioned in the Javi-cast that MM is to be a father-figure to WW, but I wondered if that "too old" thing was going to equally apply to Lacey. MM mentioned their age difference, but it didn't seem to bother him too much. I also vote for a finale make-out! Did I read that you were writing them stranded in an elevator together during a black-out? *grins*

I thought this was an entirely sweet and fun episode, but I do agree with you about the pacing. From word one it had this very deliberately slower and almost plodding pace, which I think is (or I've fanwaved into being) possibly a nod to old-timey westerns. That's what I kept being reminded of anyway, vintage 30s/40s films. I didn't catch if this was a new writer (or director), or someone we've seen before, because felt a little loose and disjointed there at the end. (I didn't even notice the harpoon until WW attacked.) I'm housesitting right now, or I'd re-watch immediately to decide if the different feel was an intentional homage, or just the result of a new writer/director combo.

And I can safely say that past-MM/Roxy is definitely a piece of my own personal canon.
ljc: the middleman (together)taraljc on 29th July 2008 04:53 (UTC)
oh noes! I LOVES LACEY.


I can see exactly why folks ship MM/WW (and reading smoking hawt MM/WW fanfic is a guilty pleasure of mine). But I just don't see it in canon, and totally buy neither character seeing the other that way, in a "GROSS! he's like my doofy brother! ACK!" way. I really do get a partners in a Jay and Kaye in MiB vibe, rather than Mulder and Scully in XF back in seasons one and two vibe off MM & WW.

(That said, Morales and Keeslar have some wicked chemistry in the pilot. But I think it's definitely more sibling-like, as the show has gone on.)

Edited at 2008-07-29 05:08 (UTC)
these points of data make a beautiful line: french cuisine kills bunniesbiichan on 29th July 2008 05:21 (UTC)
Your flist is blooming insane. I didn't think too much of her during the pilot, but starting from the second or third episode I fell in love with her. And now I ship her with Wendy like burning.
ljc: the middleman (wendy = awesomesauce)taraljc on 29th July 2008 06:21 (UTC)
Can't sleep. Clowns will eat me.
Okay, I rewatched bits, and I think you're right. The pacing is deliberate. And it works, for the MM/Lacey. It just takes some getting used to, having mainlined the first half of the season in a day with aj and jess, yesterday.

Edited at 2008-07-29 06:21 (UTC)