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23 July 2008 @ 21:44
It occures to me that, dood. I love The Middleman. I should probably tell people, you know, other than the 400 or so of you on my friend's list who sorta kinda already know how much I love it due to me geeking out every Monday for the past month.

So I'm gonna send a H.E.Y.D.A.R. (see what i did there? it's like "Hey, there" only a middlepun! Okay, a crappy one, but I'm sleep deprived. What do you expect?) to Paul Lee, preseident of ABC Family, thanking them for comissioning the series, and letting them know how much I'm enjoying it. Cos I figure... I may not have a Neilsen box, but that doesn't mean I have to be invisible, right?

So, I looked up the address, and figured, I should share it, in case anybody else wanted to do same.

Paul Lee
President, ABC Family
500 South Buena Vista St
Burbank, CA 91521

ETA: oooh! Also, they have a feedback form on the website.

Remember the TV fangirl mantra: can't hurt; might help.
Trixie: Avatar - Azulatrixalicious on 25th July 2008 20:12 (UTC)
I just sent some feedback through the website. Thanks for pointing that out!

There's simply not enough Middleman squee on my current flist, and you're just soaking in it, so I've friended you. Hope you don't mind!
lilacsigil: 12 Apostleslilacsigil on 26th July 2008 11:52 (UTC)
After all your promotion of this show I downloaded and watched the first episode. THANK YOU! This show is FANTASTIC! Of course, I don't count for ratings and can't exactly say, "Thanks, your show is awesome, BTW I watched it illegally," but it's true. It's great.
That One Girlmiddlegirl on 26th July 2008 21:19 (UTC)
I wrote to them last week. I used phrases like "undying love" and "outright addiction" and pled with them to be smart (like some other networks) and realize exactly what gem they have on their hands. I might even have told them how I can't look at milk anymore without giggling.

However, I will also gladly send any number of postcards, using any number of false names (including, but not limited to, Esther Finkelstein), to any place, and otherwise do whatever it takes to keep this show around for a good long time!
Glinda the Good: Officially!: BtVS: Spike tellypriscellie on 29th July 2008 17:27 (UTC)
I just sent in a message with the feedback form. I'll send a snail mail letter as well!