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Horrible week made somewhat better by catching up on all the Middlevideos at abcfamily.com.

Middlemobiles! Middlemobiles! Middlemobiles! may have broken me. Every Sunday, I fall asleep to happy thoughts of "I get new MM tomorrow yays!" instead of "Oh God I hate my life and Mondays". I continue to pimp this show like a crack-addicted teenage runaway, so all of you will SHARE MY JOY, DAMMIT.

Also, the best part of the table read?

Jordan-as-Cindy, all the swearing included. AWESOME. Also, I covet Jordan Rosenberg's hat. Tho Nathalie apologising mid-anti-boy-band-rant to the boy band sitting at the other end of the table is a close second. And Javi as the High Aldwin.

Also, listening to the table read of "The Boy-Band Superfan Interrogation", I actually caught even more of the Star Wars/Indiana Jones/Willow references, if such a thing is possible. Agent Ravenwood FTW! It reminds me how much I thought I loved George Lucas, until he raped my childhood completely and sold it to toddlers. CHERISH THE GOLDEN MEMORIES. And just from the obsessive-TV-writing-geek perspective type, it's fascinating hearing all the bits that got cut for time. It's like getting a sneak peek at the shooting script when it's all lovely and solid goldenrod, like my memories of childhood.

And the cast continue to break me.

Now, I need to watch the table read of "The Flying-Fish Zombification" (which I did not even realise had been uploaded--BAD FANGIRL, ME), as I eat my meagre supper of left-over tuna cassarole.

ETA: zomg War Games on the big screen tomorrow after work!!!!
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