ljc (taraljc) wrote,

Dear Universe:

My day, it has sucked. If you love me, everyone will vote for "Corinthian Leather!" instead of "Non-Dairy Creamer!" in the MM poll and I will get my dream come true of Matt Keeslar as my willing pawn, unable to resist me, making 1970s car adverts cool once more solely for my amusement in episode 13.



p.s. or, you know, just making a wacky Ricardo Montalbán reference based on an internet poll, because THE WORLD CAN ALWAYS USE MORE OF THEM.

(His Most Wrath of Khan-ness references that is, not necessarily internet polls. Tho, really.... WHO CAN RESIST THE SIREN CALL OF AN UNCHECKED TICKY BOX???? I defy you to find me one fangirl who does not secretly think "My life, it is not complete. For I have checked no ticky boxes. Alas." at least once a day.)

P.p.s. if you really love me, you'll also vote yes to a Harry Sullivan And The Giant Clam Action Figure Playset. I'm just saying.
Tags: hsatgc, middleman, ricardo montalban
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