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23 May 2008 @ 11:50
I have got to stop reading casting sides for Bones. I have spoilt myself rotten on the first 1/3rd of next year. Also, I have discovered that while I totally dig Booth and Brennan on the show itself, I should stay very far away from fan fiction unless it's rec'd or written by someone whom I trust. That said, I did find some gorgeous Hodgins, Angela, and Hodgins/Angela stories in my wanderings thus far.

Curriculum Vitae by iseult_variante
Summary: Four jobs Angela passed through, and the one where she stayed. PG

Angie at Dawn (Just Like Nicky Hopkins) by lostakasha
Summary: After Two Aliens in a Spaceship. Angela goes home with Jack. PG-13

Leverage by plasticeneposes
Summary: The click of the lock echoes through the bathroom, but all Angela can hear is the blood rushing in her ears. NC-17

Ty Nant in a Clear Glass Bottle by dsudis
Summary: Jack didn't spend the night at Angela's place. PG

Punch Drunk Love by plasticeneposes
Summary: Four times Angela and Hodgins didn't kiss under the mistletoe at the lab Christmas party (and one time they did). PG

Hidden Character by plazmah
Summary: Booth needs Brennan to fill him in on a case and Hodgins just wants to pay Angela a surprise visit. But when the guys find Brennan and Angela, they're the ones in for a surprise. And from there, things get a lot more interesting. PG-13

And OMG HOT Brennan/Booth:

The Conversation in the Car by yahtzee63
Summary: That's the problem with hooking up at a big fancy party, in Booth's opinion: the car ride in-between. PG-13
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indie: Writingindiefic on 23rd May 2008 17:46 (UTC)
I have to rec lyssie's Booth/Bones Imprinted. I don't 'ship B/B or even read Bones fanfic most of the time, but it is a very well done piece.
sinkwriter: Jack & Angela - Mansion embracesinkwriter on 23rd May 2008 22:11 (UTC)
Thank you for posting these! The only one I'd already read was lostakasha's Angie at Dawn, which I LOVE. I'll be very curious to read the rest of these stories. Thanks very much. :)
makdmakd on 24th May 2008 01:47 (UTC)
Thank you!! (I love recs!!)