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19 July 2007 @ 14:33
So being me, after Photoshoppery For Profit, I go home and commit Photoshoppery For Fun.

( click to embiggen. )
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bee: DW } lucy master kissbarbarianwinter on 19th July 2007 19:55 (UTC)
Ooh, that's awesome! I love it.
aliasagent on 19th July 2007 20:07 (UTC)

They both look so evil and wonderful and all ♥ So very pretty *le sigh*
11nine73 on 19th July 2007 20:25 (UTC)
OMG *dies*

That is fabulous.
KB: The Masterpsyko_kittie on 19th July 2007 21:04 (UTC)
muffintop_pride: Saxon is MADE OF WINmuffintop_pride on 20th July 2007 00:06 (UTC)
I think you've committed Photoshoppery For World Domination. Awesome manip.
Niki Hunter: Snowgrouse Master made of AWESOMEmia_v on 20th July 2007 10:16 (UTC)
Wow. Niiiiiice!!! :D
jloshea43jloshea43 on 21st July 2007 15:25 (UTC)
who are these people? what is the point of the picture..?mom
ljc: gallifrey go BOOMtaraljc on 21st July 2007 17:40 (UTC)
Remember the Master and his wife Lucy from Doctor Who? It was the ep I showed you the week I was at Sibling's...

The point was to do a portrait fo them. In my case, by sticking their heads on other people's bodies, then putting them in a picture together... Basically, I do stuff like this to unwind, after work.