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04 November 2004 @ 13:02
yet more Jem icons...  
Yes, more Jem icons up for grabs! (want. claim in comments. have.)

Please remember to make sure the icon you are claiming has not been claimed by someone else first! And if you are willing to share, post that as well.

NOTE: Please do not claim more than 3 icons.

up for grabs:
2. 5. 6. 7.
8. 11. 16. 17.
18. 19. 20. 21.
22. 23. 25. 27.
28. 30. 31. 32.
33. 34. 35. 38.
40. 42. 43.

1. 3. 4. 9.
10. 12. 13. 14.
15. 24. 26. 29.
36. 37. 39. 41.
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seven minute dance party: frellvoleuse on 4th November 2004 19:12 (UTC)
Ooh, #12! I want #12!

I am willing to share. *g*
ljc: the sweet 1taraljc on 4th November 2004 19:15 (UTC)
anything for you, beta o' mine. I was so tempted to use that one msyelf, but I went for this one instead.
seven minute dance party: nostalgicvoleuse on 4th November 2004 19:25 (UTC)
*g* I'm going to reply to your e-mail today, I swear. I got all caught up in post-election madness.
ljc: good bad girltaraljc on 4th November 2004 19:32 (UTC)
yeah, yeah, excuses excuses

Xica: superkaty joey/britxica_s on 4th November 2004 19:26 (UTC)
I truly truly must have #13 and #10...and I guess I should probably go claim the other ones I claimed forever ago also!
ljc: good bad girltaraljc on 4th November 2004 19:32 (UTC)
They're here :)
junebug_indeedjunebug_indeed on 4th November 2004 20:05 (UTC)
I'd like to claim #1. Would xica_s be willing to share #10? Please?
junebug_indeedjunebug_indeed on 4th November 2004 20:07 (UTC)
I'm willing to share.
ljc: pixie dusttaraljc on 5th November 2004 05:53 (UTC)
you'll have to ask xica_s herself about sharing, but #1 is now yours!
Kanna Opheliakannaophelia on 5th November 2004 01:06 (UTC)
41! 41! ~bounce~ Pretty please. ♥
ljc: Kimber/Stormertaraljc on 5th November 2004 01:51 (UTC)
all for you! have at.
disneyclint on 7th November 2004 22:54 (UTC)
Hey, I'm just dropping by to say I like what you've done with the screencaps, especially the one of Kimber and Stormer holding hands on the beach. That one was hard to get, it just kinda happened on accident. I kept trying but none of the freeze-frames looked right. Then I got that and it was perfect. I like the way you made it move from left to right, that was clever.
(Deleted comment)
ljc: good bad girltaraljc on 20th November 2004 22:25 (UTC)
It's the box art from the dolls--I wish I could find high-res scans from the licensing kit. But you can find some really great ones (of both Misfits and Holograms) here.
(Deleted comment)
...sparklingsatine on 4th December 2004 03:08 (UTC)
snagged 3 and 14. will share. and credit.
ljc: the sweet 1taraljc on 3rd January 2005 20:48 (UTC)
all yours!
Carnalcarnal_heart on 28th December 2004 06:02 (UTC)
Hi can I have #9? I've just joined all the Jem comms I can find, and love Stormer.
Will share.
ljc: good bad girltaraljc on 1st January 2005 05:56 (UTC)
all yours!
Love Dorisstormkpr on 3rd January 2005 01:46 (UTC)
Number 15
May a newbie like myself claim #15? Thanks for sharing these most lovely icons.

And I will share #15 if anyone else's heart desires it.
...sparklingsatine on 9th January 2005 23:12 (UTC)
snagged 27 - 43. am totally willing to share with others, will credit. :D
ljc: the sweet 1 (toon)taraljc on 10th January 2005 00:42 (UTC)
do you mean 27 & 43?
...sparklingsatine on 10th January 2005 04:20 (UTC)
27 through 43.
ljc: the sweet 1 (toon)taraljc on 17th March 2005 23:30 (UTC)
heya! sorry--I could have sworn I replied to this ages ago. But I'd rather folks didn't claim 15 icons in one go--even if you're sharing, since most folks don't do the shareable thing, it's not fair to everybody else.

If you'd like to pick 1-3, that's okay. I'd just rather not have one person claim 10+ icons.
...sparklingsatine on 18th March 2005 03:48 (UTC)
that's totally okay! I think when I replied to this thread I had gone kimber/stormer crazy [had just watched that particular episode, I think]. and I really have no problem sharing unless I've had a particular person make an icon for me, like my default icon. I'm not an icon nazi ;) but I respect you, and your icons, since you made them, so, out of all of them, I picked #29. sorry for all the grabbing *blush* you just make really good icons!

ljc: Kimber/Stormertaraljc on 18th March 2005 03:51 (UTC)
I understand going Kimber/Stormer crazy :)

#29 is all yours!
...sparklingsatine on 18th March 2005 03:56 (UTC)
thank you! I didn't mean to take so many that first go around [since I only have 15 icon spaces, and taking more than 10 is, well, counter productive]. I should have asked if there was a limit on number of icons. I'll make sure to grab 1-3 in the future. thanks for being understanding and also bringing it to my attention. :D
Moonsismoonsis on 23rd January 2005 15:17 (UTC)
i have been looking for a larger version of this pic with stormer and roxy with the headphones on. could you tell me where its from? or maybe even send it to me please?!
thanks in advance...
ljc: the sweet 1taraljc on 27th February 2005 05:27 (UTC)
It's from the Little Golden Book Video Mischief, and I just put up a scan of that page here, in the gallery.
Moonsismoonsis on 27th February 2005 13:14 (UTC)
oh, thank you. i love this pic of stormer. it is outragous. hehe.

ps: you can visit my jem site, too:
printer's ink and bloodjheti on 17th March 2005 23:10 (UTC)
May I please have #36?
ljc: Kimber/Stormertaraljc on 17th March 2005 23:28 (UTC)
all yours!
dirty_denim on 26th March 2005 16:29 (UTC)
If it's possible can I share #4?
ljc: i'm okaytaraljc on 26th March 2005 16:43 (UTC)
all yours!
melek_nazmelek_naz on 29th March 2005 20:12 (UTC)
Hi I was wondering if I could snaffle No 21 please? I'm more than willing to share and would credit in the usual way :). Just had a major google of all things Jem and found this amazing place. *Fab* icons :)
teedee_lala on 7th June 2009 07:30 (UTC)
taking 10...i love stormer!